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TDT Changes [ Wednesday, 18 Nov 09 | 12:12 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |excitedexcited]

I haven’t posted about the changes for terrestrial digital television (TDT) since July because I didn't think there were any changes. Was I ever surprised when I did a channel scan yesterday. Six new TV stations that were found!

Canal Terrassa Canal Terrassa
canal publico de ciudad
public city station
TeleTaxi TV TeleTaxi TV
cadena local privada (música)
private local network (music)
Canal Català Canal Català Maresme
cadena catalana privada
private Catalan network
Maresme Digital TV Maresme Digital TV
cadena local privada (2 estaciones)
private local network (2 stations)
TV Mataró TV Mataró
canal publico de ciudad
public city station

In total I now receive 46 digital (DVB) TV stations along with 28 digital radio stations which are broadcast with the TV signals. I gave Ruben some grief that Terrassa has a station although his own town, Sabadell, does not, even though the transmitter is located in Sabadell. There is a lot of competition between the two towns. TeleTaxi broadcasts from the same site in Sabadell.

I was pleased that I now receive four stations from Mataró, even though the antenna is pointed in the opposite direction. Mataró is the capital and largest city of the comarca (county) of Maresme where I live.

Antenna system for the building
UHF antenna above and
omni-directional FM antenna below