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Usenet nirvana - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Usenet nirvana [ Sunday, 28 Aug 05 | 15:29 ]
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It has been eight months since I had my daily dose of Usenet newsgroups. I have been a Usenet “regular” for over fifteen years when I first started reading soc.motss.

Yesterday I started to look for a Usenet news server and was annoyed that what used to be a universal free service now is being sold on subscription starting at about $10 USD a month.

So I took a look at my own ISP, Ya.com and within a few minutes found that they offered Usenet access as part of the ADSL offering that I contracted. All I had to do was follow instructions and first set up a POP3 mail box on Ya.com and then use that log-in information when connecting to the Usenet feed.

After I set up my mail box account on the Web, I added the account to the Mac Mail application and made sure that I could send and receive mail to it. That worked the first time I tried, so I set up the news server on my news client, Toth.

I was very happy to see the full newsgroup list appear and I could start subscribing to my favorite newsgroups. I wasn’t too surprised that they didn’t carry any of the ba or Bay Area newsgroups, this being Barcelona. But they do offer 19,752 groups, including the “media rich” ones that take up a lot of storage.