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It's a whopper! - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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It's a whopper! [ Thursday, 06 May 10 | 17:06 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Four years ago I bought three strawberry plants. Now there are nine trays plus some replacements if some should die. The plants generate plenty of runners during the summer and they are put into small plastic pots to take root.

In March Ruben helped me go through the trays and get rid of the oldest plants and add some of the “babies” that had been growing during the winter. There were still plenty left over and Ruben gave about ten of them away at his office. (Hint for locals, there are still more plants available for adoption.)

Giant strawberry waiting to be picked

Several weeks ago I was surprised to find a strawberry that looked like it was really several berries which had fused together to form a whopper. The variety that I have is a “home variety” and the fruit is normally small and flavorful. Perfect for making strawberry margaritas. The commercial strawberries sold in stores here are big, tough, and insipid, just like back in California.

I had been watching the progress of this whopper for several weeks and finally this past weekend it looked ready to pick and devour.

Giant strawberry waiting to be eaten

We added a daisy to give an idea how big this thing was. Normally the first fruit of the season is not all that tasty or sweet. We cut this one into segments so that we could try different parts. Surprisingly it was sweet and had distinctive strawberry flavor, but not as good as those that will be ripening later this month.


[User Picture]From: kumapaws
Thursday, 06 May 10 | 15:41 (UTC)
A mutant strawberry that I would so eat...
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 07 May 10 | 05:36 (UTC)
You might find this one more to your liking:

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[User Picture]From: putzmeisterbear
Thursday, 06 May 10 | 18:55 (UTC)
"big, tough, and insipid, just like back in California" That describes so much more than strawberries here in California.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 07 May 10 | 05:34 (UTC)

That describes so much more than strawberries here in California

Remember that I lived in the Bay Area from '63 to '05. Spain is a nice place to retire because the pace is slower.

One of the jokes here is that California and Spain are both noted for their strawberries. In California they are picked by people who speak Spanish. In Spain the pickers speak Polish.

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[User Picture]From: stoicbear
Friday, 07 May 10 | 02:29 (UTC)
You'd never see that in a store. It's sorted and discarded. It's a shame they do that. I wish I had a green thumb, but I don't...
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 07 May 10 | 05:27 (UTC)

I wish I had a green thumb

Strawberries are very easy. They are perennial. They are decorative (keep their leaves all year). Reproduce by seeds, runners, and the main plant replicating.

In California some people use a variety as a lawn replacement because maintenance is lower. Others use strawberries as a border.

Nurseries normally sell varieties suitable for your area. (I am located in USDA zone10.) It's mild enough here that I have tomato plants surviving the winter and prolific for a second season. I have a sweet pepper (capsicum) from last year which was just a green stick during the winter now sprouting a bunch of leaves. I never was able to do this in California.

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[User Picture]From: stoicbear
Thursday, 13 May 10 | 04:08 (UTC)

Re: I wish I had a green thumb

I should have said that I'm much more likely to play with technology stuff, or work on/ride my mountain bike, or do something other than gardening type work. Parent's used child labor in their garden, which really turned me off to it. The only thing I like planting are trees.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 07 May 10 | 05:47 (UTC)

At the patch south of Ukiah

We are about the same latitude as Weed, California near Mt. Shasta. Strawberries did well when I lived in the South Bay. I am going to try and see if I can bring back some "Sequoia" plants next time I visit.

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