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VDSL Internet connections - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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VDSL Internet connections [ Tuesday, 25 Jan 11 | 10:24 ]
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I have been using ADSL2+ technology for the last 5 years. I visited my provider's site (Jazztel) and they now offer VDSL technology. Has anyone had experience with VDSL?

With ADSL2+ the theoretical maximum is 20 megabits per second and with VDSL it is 30. I regularly obtain 12.7 to 14.5 megas at my location.

[User Picture]From: iberianbear
Tuesday, 25 Jan 11 | 18:47 (UTC)
don't you have to be very close to the CO for VDSL to work?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 25 Jan 11 | 19:57 (UTC)
I live less than 2 km from the CO. I remember seeing a graph comparing different technologies several years ago. And indeed there was a steeper "fall off" for VDSL than ADSL2+ based on the distance from the CO.

They are slowly installing fiber here, but of course I live in the ´burbs. The good news is that I live on the main street so would be likely to have cable installed earlier than others.

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[User Picture]From: iberianbear
Tuesday, 25 Jan 11 | 20:21 (UTC)
VDSL is being used mostly as 'last feet' technology access for fiber these days. ATT in the USA is installing fiber just up to your house and then use VDSL to service you and your neighbours.
With VDSL2 topping at 100mbps at 0.5kms there is some validity to this strategy as they can reuse the twisted copper wiring (it will never die!) to offer very high speeds for internet and TV packages without having to rewire the customer premises.

Running fiber to the house is a big pain and sort of overkill if you ask me. In the USA for example current DOCSIS 3.0 for cable can give you 300Mbps on coax and probably more in the future so trying to get fiber into the house is silly.
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