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Why not Ektachrome? - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Why not Ektachrome? [ Sunday, 07 Oct 18 | 14:21 ]
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When I was a kid, I preferred to use Ektachrome because it had a higher ASA index and I could process the film into color slides at home.

So here we have Kodachrome Basin situated 5,800 feet (1,768 m) above sea level, 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Bryce Canyon. In 1948, the National Geographic Society explored and photographed the area for a story that appeared in the September 1949 issue of their magazine. They named the area Kodachrome Flat, after the then relatively new brand of Kodak film they used. In 1962 the area was designated a state park. Fearing repercussions from Kodak for using the name Kodachrome, the name was changed to Chimney Rock State Park, but renamed Kodachrome Basin a few years later with Kodak's permission.

In honor of its name, I cranked up the color on a couple of these images.


[User Picture]From: adminbear
Monday, 08 Oct 18 | 05:13 (UTC)
More great pictures from your trip. And the story about Kodachrome basin is interesting. I too, used to shoot on Kodachrome and developed it myself. (Hated mounting the stuff in frames tho.) Today I'm one of those people that have switched to using nothing but a DSLR. The color quality is nice and handling the images is a LOT easier than working in the darkroom and much easier to share. Hope your trip home goes well Chuck.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Monday, 08 Oct 18 | 05:32 (UTC)

I too, used to shoot on Kodachrome and developed it myself.

I doubt that. You would have had to obtain a license from Kodak to process Kodachrome and the process is very different from Ektachrome.

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[User Picture]From: adminbear
Monday, 08 Oct 18 | 06:36 (UTC)

Re: I too, used to shoot on Kodachrome and developed it myself.

It may have been Ektachrome. It was 45-50 years ago and some parts of my memory are so easily recalled any longer. But I do know it was color positive slide film. Also my Mother went out and got me a couple of chemistry smocks so that I'd stop messing up my regular clothes splashing chemicals on them. :-)

addition... there is, somewhere, either in storage or in the garage, a box full of slide trays, most of which i processed and mounted. alas, i KNOW i don't have a slide projector any longer. i need to find one of those digitizing service that will scan them online so i can download them. i wonder what memories are out there...? sorry for taking over your thread.

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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Monday, 08 Oct 18 | 06:48 (UTC)

Re: I too, used to shoot on Kodachrome and developed it myself.

Ektachrome allowed professionals and amateurs alike to process their own films. Whereas the development process used by Kodachrome is technically intricate and beyond the means of amateur photographers and smaller photographic labs, Ektachrome processing is simpler, and small professional labs could afford equipment to develop the film.


Kodachrome was the first color film that used a subtractive color method to be successfully mass-marketed. Because of its complex processing requirements, the film was sold process-paid in the United States until 1954 when a legal ruling prohibited this. Elsewhere, this arrangement continued.

Other transparency films, such as Fujifilm Fujichrome and Kodak Ektachrome use the simpler, quicker, and more accessible E-6 process.

Kodachrome films are non-substantive. Unlike substantive transparency and negative color films, Kodachrome films does not incorporate dye couplers into the emulsion layers. The dye couplers are added during processing.


I remember 50+ years ago there weren't that many non-Kodak labs that processed Kodachrome..

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[User Picture]From: adminbear
Tuesday, 09 Oct 18 | 02:46 (UTC)

Re: I too, used to shoot on Kodachrome and developed it myself.

OK Chuck, I bow to the digging that you did. I would have sworn that I had been working with Kodachrome, but it was most likely Ektachrome. You have given me incentive to dig around for the box of slides to look through them for the ones I sent out for processing and the ones I did myself (it'll be VERY obvious from the mounts). I'll find a couple that of mine I don't care about, take them out of the mounts and prove to myself that they're Ektachrome. Then I'll ship the rest off to be digitized. BTW... both of the wiki articles were quite good.
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