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I missed my day! - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I missed my day! [ Thursday, 10 Nov 05 | 15:05 ]
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Last Saturday I had several Spaniards ask how I had celebrated the day before as it was my dia de santo or patron saint’s day. I responded saying nothing special and that is was like other Fridays. I had gone to town and had a couple of beers with friends at Ursus, but that was it.

I scurried up to the one calendar on the wall I have from “La Caixa” that has, among other things, the various saints’ days listed. Sure enough, on November 4th it listed San Carlos. Carlos, of course, is Charles in castellano. I subsequently entered an annual event on my iCal calendar so I wouldn’t miss my day again.

I asked a couple of my friends what’s deal about this and they said that people in Spain celebrate their saint’s day like it was their birthday. When asked about the custom in the US, I said that no one I knew observed it.

Monday night, when I usually stay home, I went to Ursus to say goodbye to friends as I was leaving the next day for San Francisco. Two of the camareros there are also named Carlos. I checked with them and they hadn’t done anything special either. As a consequence, we did have a chupito (shot) to commemorate the day we all missed.

From: seminalvesicle
Friday, 11 Nov 05 | 02:40 (UTC)

¡Feliz Santo!

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