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¡Mira Quien Baila! [ Friday, 11 Nov 05 | 10:35 ]
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(English version follows)

¡Mira Quien Baila!
Lunes a las 22:00 h. por La Primera

Ocho famosos competirán cada lunes en directo para demostrar sus habilidades en bailes de salón, como pasodoble, tango o samba. El ganador o ganadora será elegido mejor bailarín del año.

Este nuevo programa de entretenimiento comenzó el 13 de junio, en La Primera de TVE. Su objetivo es ganar y recoger fondos para la causa benéfica que apadrinen.

Cada semana los concursantes se prepararán a fondo, ayudados por un coreógrafo, un especialista en bailes de salón y varios profesores en las diferentes especialidades de bailes. Las parejas estarán formadas por un famoso y por un bailarín profesional. Cada lunes habrá una gala donde las parejas tendrán que competir de dos en dos, bailando ambas un mismo estilo musical. Un jurado experto valorará y puntuará las exhibiciones, y eliminará a cuatro de las parejas.

Look Who’s Dancing
Monday at 10:00 pm on channel 1

Eight famous people compete each Monday live to demonstrate their skills in ballroom dancing, such as pasodoble, tango or samba. The winner will be chosen the best dancer of the year.

This new entertainment program started on the 13th of June on channel 1 of TVE [the state TV network]. The objective is to win and collect funds for the sponsored charitable cause.

Each week the contestants prepare a program, helped by a choreographer, a specialist in ballroom dancing and by various teachers in the different dance specialties. The pairs are formed by one famous person and one professional dancer. Every Monday there is a gala where the pairs have to compete two-by-two, dancing with the same music. An expert jury evaluates and grades the exhibitions, and eliminates four of the partners.

Dancing with the Stars
¡Mira Quien Baila! is essentially similar to Dancing With the Stars, a summertime hit for ABC, which will return for an eight-week run in January.

Dancing With the Stars attracted an average weekly audience of nearly 17 million viewers in the US and became the most-watched network summer series in the past five years.

It was followed by a September dance-off between initial champion Kelly Monaco (ABC's General Hospital) and her partner and runner-up John O'Hurley (Seinfeld) and his partner. O'Hurley won but that show drew a smaller audience.

When I was in the US during June and July, I watched the last few episodes of Dancing With the Stars, including the season finale. The Spanish program is essentially similar, but there are some differences.

First, the Spanish program uses a live orchestra and singers. The same musical number is played for each of the sets of competing pairs of dancers. The American version used pre-recorded music.

Second, the expert jury in Spain is more critical of the contestants, and their grading showed it. The highest score I saw was a “7” and there were lots of “5”s and “6”s. In the US there were a lot of “8”s, and “9”s plus a few “10”s. There was also more "interaction" between the contestants and judges in Spain.

Third, the Spanish costuming was a little more daring and sexy than the American counterpart.

It is interesting to see how the same concept is executed and how the cultural differences are manifested. The actual types of dances used in both shows were quite similar with a heavy latin dance influence along with more traditional types, such as waltz and foxtrot.

From: rexbear
Friday, 11 Nov 05 | 19:47 (UTC)
Admittedly, I've never seen the show (American or Spanish), but I have seen "highlights" and watched/heard various commentary on the show, it's contestants, and its popularity. I have, however, noticed some great comparisons between some shows that start elsewhere in the world and end up in the US, adapted for our audience.

Being a food fan, as my expanding waist line can testify to, I've always enjoyed "IRON Chef" on the food channel. It's interesting to see the "IRON Chef America" version and the comparisons. The American show seems to lack some of the fabled, if false, history of the man who started the contest. It also seems much more contrived than the original. I do indeed prefer the original dubbed version of the show. Similar comparisons can be made with a number of game shows from the UK that have ended up here in the US.

Getting back to"Dancing with the Stars," I would ask if, in the Spanish version, the "Stars" are the B, C+, and C- stars as in the American version, or if they are in fact genuine first rate stars there in Spain. I would venture a guess that just based on the Spanish culture, it would be far more acceptable, and even admired, for first rate actors to participate. Is that true?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Saturday, 12 Nov 05 | 10:47 (UTC)

Spanish "Starrs"

Well at least two of the stars that I remembered appearing are Maria Del Monte and David Civera. Both are well-known or "first-rate" singers in Spain. And I have seen them perform on Spanish TV before and they definitely dance on stage. This is part of their act. So they were a bit crestfallen when they got such low marks. They are not dance neophytes like O'Hurley.

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From: (Anonymous)
Tuesday, 22 Jan 08 | 00:36 (UTC)

which one was first?

im from spain and ive seen "Mira quien baila" several times. One day my cousins from London told me that there was a tv show like the spanish but in england and that the spanish started before the english one. so i thought it was originary from spain, but now i've descovered that there's one in america too. so my question is: which one was first, the american or the spanish?
(sorry if i don't write well, i don't have a high level of english)
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 22 Jan 08 | 05:53 (UTC)

Re: which one was first?

Desde Wikipedia...

Bailando con las estrellas (inglés: Dancing with the Stars) es el nombre dado a una serie de programas de televisión internacionales basados en el formato del programa de televisión inglés. Estos programas han sido lanzados al aire en varios países, incluyendo Alemania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bélgica, Brasil, Chile, República Checa, Dinamarca, Ecuador, España, Estados Unidos, Estonia, Finlandia, Hungría, Israel, India, Italia, México, Países Bajos, Paraguay,Peru, Polonia, Noruega, Nueva Zelanda, Costa Rica y Ucrania.

Australia fue la primera en adaptar el formato del show de la BBC, que es ahora un formato muy difundido en el mundo. El RU es el origen del programa.

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