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Turning up the heat… - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Turning up the heat… [ Friday, 25 Nov 05 | 19:58 ]
[My Mood |thankfulthankful]

Europe has been under a cold wave the last few days and Spain is no exception. It’s not that cold, around 8-10° C (46-50° F) at night, but inside it has been about 16° C (64° F). I found that was a bit chilly. (I must have gotten used to the summer weather here which was a lot warmer than Richmond!)

So this week I turned on my space heating. There are eight radiators in my piso that use hot water that comes from the caldera, which also supplies hot water for the taps. Of course there’s a thermostat to control the air temperature. But there is also a thermostat that controls the temperature for the hot water. (There’s a separate thermostat for the tap water.) I can modulate the water temperature from about 40° to 80° C (104° to 176° F).

When I want a quick warm up, I turn up the water temperature to the maximum, 80° C. In a moment the radiators becomes quite warm. Once the place gets warm enough, I turn the water temperature down and the radiators are just barely warm to the touch. It’s a nice gentle heat. And very quiet.

In the US I had forced-air heating. When it “kicks in”, it can really raise the dust and also dry the air. With these radiators there is not so much air movement and that will require less cleaning. (One of my least favorite chores.) Also, the higher humidity is better and reduces the chance for getting dry skin and other maladies.

I don’t know how much the heating will cost. I guess I’ll find out in my next gas bill. I know that it was expensive in Richmond. But forced-air space heating uses both gas and electricity.

I enjoy the heat I have here as it is quiet, controllable, and efficient.