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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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LJers in BCN [ Sunday, 08 Jan 06 | 17:25 ]
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[My Mood |chipperchipper]

Last Thursday afternoon I met iberianbear and an old college mate, Carles, at Café Zurich in Plaça Catalunya. Carles also lives in El Masnou. I first met him a year ago as I was researching places to live here. Carles now has a job programming PL-1 at a financial institution.

I hadn’t seen iberianbear since last September when we both attended an event in Sitges. He was back in España for the fiestas, which ended with el Día de los Reyes last Friday. He spent most of his time at his hometown of Altorricón.

After finishing a café the three of us had a cerveza at Punto BCN, which was nearly empty as it was only 19.00 and not Wednesday. Later we headed for nearby Ursus fénix, which was gearing up for their weekly Happy Hour with free tapas. There we had more beer before I headed home around 22.00.

On Tuesday, I will be meeting capy and Joe who will be here on vacation. I have known Joe for nearly 10 years. We used to go out to lunch together when we were both working in Menlo Park. Hopefully I’ll be able to show them around town a bit.