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I have a new crossing! - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I have a new crossing! [ Monday, 31 Jul 06 | 19:46 ]
[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |happyhappy]

The Ajuntament del Masnou (Masnou City Council) has finished installing a new signal and pedestrian crossing over Nacional II (National Route 2) to the Renfe station. In the nota informativa from the Ajuntament in my mail box it said:

Aquesta millora contribuirà a reduir la velocitat dels vehicles, així com l'impacte sonor del trànsit i alhora augmentarà la seguretat dels vianants i facilitarà l'accés a l'estació de RENFE del Masnou a les persones amb problemes de mobilitat.

Or for you non-Català readers:

This improvement will contribute to reduce the velocity of the vehicles, also with the sonic impact of the traffic and now will augment the security of the pedestrians and will facilitate the access to the El Masnou RENFE station for persons with problems of mobility.

The City Council regards this is as not a solution to the problems of traffic saturation of Nacional II and continues working on the pacificació of this road. Long-term they want the road to be “urban” with reduced speed and volume of traffic.

There already is a motorway that parallels the coastal Nacional II route only a couple kilometers away. But it is a toll road and many people use Nacional II instead because it is free. The Generalitat (Catalán Government) has approved construction of a new free motorway, but it is not clear how it will be financed or when it will be constructed.

When the new pedestrian crossing was first functional on Tuesday afternoon, they had a member of the guardia urbana (local police) stand by and make sure that everything was OK. Also interesting is that the crossing is lit up with lights at night to improve visibility, which is not that common in California. It took about three weeks from the beginning of construction until the crossing was functional.

I find that the majority of people prefer to use this grade-level crossing rather than the pre-existing tunnel, even if they have to wait a minute before they can cross. It will make it easier for me when I have my shopping cart full of groceries not having to negotiate two sets of steps.

In the picture the alcalde (mayor) of El Masnou in the marine blue coat leads of group of pedestrians inaugurating the crossing. This was taken from my terraza last Friday.

[User Picture]From: double_ohsteven
Tuesday, 01 Aug 06 | 00:08 (UTC)
No more lugging luggage up and down stairs to go to Renfe, eh?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 01 Aug 06 | 05:36 (UTC)

That's right...

Makes it easy. I got to use the crossing yesterday with my shopping cart loaded with groceries—it was heavy with all those soft drinks. They had a sale on canned green tea with pomegranate that I couldn't resist. They hype the nutritional/health benefits here even more than the States.

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[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Tuesday, 01 Aug 06 | 07:52 (UTC)

N2, C31...

Did you know that the C32, formerly known as A19 is the oldest toll motorway in Spain? It was built in 1968 and the concession was to last for 25 years. But they have renewed it and it must continue with a toll until 2030.

I think it's just STUPID building a new motorway in your area. There is simply no room for it! They should only make the current one toll free.

Anwyay. That means that driving through the N2 will be even slower. Not that I'm against the new crossings. It's just the poorly managed catalan infrastructures
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