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New bandwidth tester [ Saturday, 19 Aug 06 | 12:00 ]
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I found a new bandwidth tester that I like at Speedtest.net. It uses a Flash-based interface that provides a visual idea of how fast your network connection is. A “speedometer” displays your transfers for both uploading and downloading. There's a world map that lets you choose from a variety of servers. That's handy for those of us not living in the States. I found the fastest server for me was from London (see preceding graphic for the results.)

The bandwidth tester is handy for finding out just how much of that speed you're paying for, you're actually getting. My ISP, Jazztel, claims ”hasta 20 Megas” or “up to 20 Mbps”. My ADSL 2+ router shows differing download/upload rates depending on the day, but currently indicates 13770 Kbps, not quite the 20 Mbps advertised, but still respectable. Certainly much faster than my Comcast cable connection I had in Richmond, CA. And cheaper too.

From: fuzzygruf
Saturday, 19 Aug 06 | 10:20 (UTC)
Cool. Thanks for the link.
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[User Picture]From: squalidbear
Saturday, 19 Aug 06 | 15:45 (UTC)
That is cool. From the river I got these results from the SF server.
Download: 6203kb/s
Upload: 359kb/s
Latency: 31ms
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