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Bearcelona Bear Camp - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Bearcelona Bear Camp [ Monday, 18 Sep 06 | 22:38 ]

9-11 septiembre 2006
Quedamos tres días y dos noches en una masia de 225 años de edad en la población de San Pere de Ribes en la comarca del Garraf (7 km desde Sitges ). Pasamos la mayoría del tiempo cerca de la piscina o comimos.

Puedes ver mas aquí.

9-11 September 2006
We spent three days and two nights in a farmhouse of 225 years of age in the town of San Pere de Ribes in the comarca of Garraf (5 miles from Sitges ). We spent most of the time by the swimming pool or eating.

You can see more here.

[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Tuesday, 19 Sep 06 | 09:45 (UTC)


Ok, I must admit I was in Provincetown having a great time, but I missed you guys!
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[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 15:01 (UTC)

One big happy family?

Is it just me or does everyone in those photos have the last name "Cena" or "Almuerzo"?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 17:05 (UTC)

"Cena" o "Almuerzo"?

"Cena" means supper and "Almuerzo" means lunch. I didn't take any pictures of "Desayuno", which means breakfast. As I learn who the various attendees are, I will add their names on the picture captions.

Oh, and I added you as a friend too.

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[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 17:29 (UTC)

¿Tantas Maripilis y ni una sola Merienda?

I was beginning to wonder if the whole get-together was anonymous or something! I suppose there wasn't any place to put the name tags that wouldn't have taken off some hair or pierced the skin.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 20:37 (UTC)

Re: ¿Tantas Maripilis y ni una sola Merienda?

The vast majority of attendees were locals. There were a couple of Frenchmen and one Italian. I was the only estadounidense and they consider me half-Spanish anyway. So no name tags.

¿Maripilis? What are you trying to say? Some version of mariposa? Which isn't used in the context you are thinking of here on the Peninsula.

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[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 20:52 (UTC)
What do mariposas have to do with maricos?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 03 Oct 06 | 23:05 (UTC)

Slang in Spain

Marica, mariquita or mariqueta, and maricón are all used here in Barcelona. Mariposa has the same meaning, but is more frequently heard in California, where I used to live. For those of you with little knowledge of castellano, these are slang terms for fag or gay. Marica, mariquita and mariposa also have other common meanings.

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[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Wednesday, 04 Oct 06 | 16:24 (UTC)
Marica and maricón are the terms I encountre most frequently; I may have heard mariposa with that meaning before, but it's not in my active vocab. I'm beginning to wonder if maripili might be exclusively Catalan, which could explain why you didn't recognise it. In Catalan, marieta equates to mariquita both as the name of an insect and a slang term for "fag"; the word for "butterfly" is papallona and, AFAIK, it has no slang double meaning.
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