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Mapa del Masnou - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Mapa del Masnou [ Saturday, 23 Dec 06 | 21:11 ]
[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Music |Radio clásica, RNE]

Mapa del Masnou
Mapa del Masnou

A few weeks ago they installed a map of El Masnou by the entrance of the Renfe station. One side has streets and the other has the public transit routes superimposed: trains, and local, regional, and night buses.

In the past few months the town has:

  1. replaced the steps in the tunnel that crosses the street from some sort of composite ceramic to granite,
  2. installed a grade-level crossing with traffic signals and bright lighting for night time,
  3. erected a lighted map of the town and transit routes.

On a more regional basis, they will be adding traffic circles on Nacional Dos (N-II), which runs in front of my piso, to slow down the traffic in several towns. One of them will be just down the street. This portion of N-II is one of the most dangerous roads in all of Spain. Drivers regular exceed the posted limit of 50 kph. And there have been three accidents within 100 m of my home in the past two years.

Also, at the beginning of 2007, the nearby section of the Autopista del Maresme C-32 (motorway) will be free of charge. That should cut down on a lot of the traffic that uses the coastal road in order to avoid road use fees.


[User Picture]From: rockey1
Tuesday, 02 Jan 07 | 15:12 (UTC)

Hi chuck

I assume that this is the Chuck that I know. So are you now living in Spain?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 02 Jan 07 | 16:17 (UTC)

Re: Hi chuck

Yes, one in the same. I have been here for 2 years now. You can read all about it in my LJ.

I also added you as a friend.

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[User Picture]From: rockey1
Tuesday, 02 Jan 07 | 16:26 (UTC)

I seem recall that you were going there

I just happned to see a comment on some elses LJ and saw that name and that handsome mug of yours and realized who it was and is. Glad that I ran into you. I will ready your journal and catch up with you life as I am sure it is more exciting than mine but I am hanging on there. Am single again and still have the uerge to travel when I can. Still working here but perhps in 2 years after this school year I will call it quits as i should have my house paid off by that time and hopefully retire before my body does the same. hugs and happy new year and the best to you in the New Year.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Tuesday, 02 Jan 07 | 16:33 (UTC)

Re: I seem recall that you were going there

I have posted comments about retirement. I originally planned on retiring this (2007) year when I turn 62. But being RIF'ed in 2004 caused me to retire 3 years early. But I am glad that I did. My house was paid-off and I was able to sell at the market crest. (Housing continues to rise here at about 10% a year.)

I have played tour guide to a number of people who have visited Barcelona. Be glad to do the same for you!

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[User Picture]From: rockey1
Tuesday, 02 Jan 07 | 16:38 (UTC)

Careful what you say :-)

I am returing to Austraila again this summer for 2 months and next summer I plan to travel to Europe and to be honest that town is on my list of places to go. I saved my frequent flyer miles on this trip Down under and bought my ticked so I hope to have qute a few miles to use on my Grand Tour of Europe. But I guess with prresent conditions I guess I had better pretend I am a Canadian when I do go over there again. great to catch up with you btw and sounds like life is being good to you. I am off to NYC on Thur for a long weekend to visit some LJ friends.
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