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The Saga Continues... - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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The Saga Continues... [ Sunday, 09 Jan 05 | 15:42 ]
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Shopping for furniture
On Friday I spent a couple of hours looking at furniture stores and found a number of things I like. I use a book that to write down the store name, article description, price, and measurements. The good thing is that many places have rebajas or sales, now that the holidays are over. Much of the furniture I saw was 20% off.

I use the measurements to see how specific items would fit in the piso that I am thinking of buying. I can just drag the shapes around on the floor plan and get a pretty good idea of how things would work.

A lot of the furniture that I like is from Habitat and they have a larger store on Avenida Diagonal than the one in Plaza Cataluña. For example I found a nice all-wood dining table that is extendable and would fit great. I am now leaning towards furniture with wood, rather than the metal-and-glass look. Wood furniture with clean lines won't go out of style. And it makes a home look warmer.

The saga continues...
About 8pm on Friday I received a call from the title company about yet another change in the terms of the sale of my house. This time they wanted me to write a check for $3+K, but I would get more net proceeds back. I freaked, as you can well imagine. The title agent reassured that "we are almost there." Fortunately my son, Jon, has my check books, is on the signature cards and has full POA, for just such emergencies.

Incidentally, I highly recommend that single people find someone they can trust, whether it is a family member or close friend and give them power of attorney. That way, if you are out of the country or otherwise incapacitated, things can still get done in your name. You can easily revoke the POA at any time.

Around midnight I received a phone call from my real-estate agent. She said "Congratulations!" The buyer had obtained the quit claim from his wife. So all that remains is for my check to arrive and the sale can be completed. My guess is that the sale will be recorded and escrow will close on Tuesday.