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A train ride to Blanes - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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A train ride to Blanes [ Thursday, 08 Mar 07 | 21:50 ]
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[My Location |el Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |curiouscurious]

Map of the Catalan coastline from El Masnou to Blanes.

I take the commuter train or Cercanias to Barcelona several times a week, but seldom do I go in the other direction towards the French border. So today I decided buy a ticket using my Renfe tarjeta dorada and get a 40% discount to Blanes. This is the point at which the railroad turns inland after hugging the coast for many kilometers.

I was surprised by how much the landscape reminded me of Central California. A string of sandy beaches and hills. Occasionally the hills reach down to the Mediterranean and the train goes through tunnels. I saw numerous signs extolling improvements being made by the government in the infrastructure which will improve the beaches. This will benefit both inhabitants and tourists alike.

The character of the towns change as you get further away from Barcelona. El Masnou, where I live, is still a suburb of Barcelona, like Montgat, Badalona and Sant Adrià de Besos. Only about 10 km away from where I live in the other direction is Mataró, the capital and largest city of the comarca (think “county”) of El Maresme. At this point the towns are less suburbs and more like small coastal towns, which of course, they are. And they are decidedly tourist destinations with a number of hotels. Santa Susannah seemed a little more upscale than some of the others. Around Blanes there are a number of huertas (truckfarms), which also reminded me of California.

I am planning to get to know the area better. So every week my goal is to visit a museum or some other attraction.

City of Blanes and coastline.

[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Thursday, 08 Mar 07 | 21:16 (UTC)
Arenys de Mar! Have you ever read anything from the Catalan writer Salvador Espriu? He was quite fond of the little resort town of Arenys and immortalised it in his œuvre as "Sirena" (from "Syrena" or "Arenys" spelled backwards), which he lovingly elabourated in the fashion of Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County or H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham. Maybe it would be the inspiration for a little trip out there!
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Thursday, 08 Mar 07 | 23:16 (UTC)

Arenys de Mar

I went through Arenys de Mar on the way to Blanes. It's about half-way between Mataró and Blanes and 40 km (25 m) from Barcelona. It doesn't look much different than the other towns along the coast. It's famous for fishing, but then so is Ocata here in El Masnou. There doesn't appear to be a Blue Flag beach there although there are some in the area.

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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Sunday, 11 Mar 07 | 18:15 (UTC)


I added you to my friends lis too.

I haven't been to Salou, it's close to Terragona and site of a theme park called Port Aventura. I wouldn't call myself a Catalanophile, since I live here.

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