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Film ratings [ Tuesday, 20 Mar 07 | 18:30 ]
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Here in España, as in the US, films are classified based on their appropriateness for different ages. The classification board here is organized by the government with industry representation. In the US the MPAA is an industry trade group that organizes the board.

The Ministerio de Cultura classifies films according to the following groups. The similar MPAA rating is shown in bold.

  • Especially recommended for infants.
  • For everyone G.
  • Not recommended for minors of six years PG.
  • Not recommended for minors of thirteen years PG-13.
  • Not recommended for minors of eighteen years R.
  • X film, prohibited access to minors of eighteen years NC-17.

It is interesting that a number of US films here are recommended for 18 and older. An example is the 45 year-old film the Days of Wine and Roses, which has this designation. Presumably because of the domestic violence portrayed.

Films with lots of blood and gore are given this same rating. On the other hand, one can see American films uncut on broadcast TV, including hard-core X-rated films.