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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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De sol a sol [ Tuesday, 27 Mar 07 | 22:54 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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La red de Metro abrirá toda la noche los sábados y vísperas de festivo del 14 de abril al 13 de octubre.

Or in other words, the Barcelona Metro will be open all night on Saturdays and the evenings before holidays from the 14th of April to the 13th of October. Keeping the Metro open all night on weekends was one of the promises made by the current Catalán President Montilla during the election campaign last fall. So I guess he made half-good on this promise. Traditionally the Metro is open all night for specific holidays like New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja).

Transit facts

The Metro and busses of TMB registered in 2006 a total of 561 millions of trips, 10.9 million more than the year before. The metropolitan region of Barcelona system of public transport also reached a historic maximum with the number of 910 million trips, 2.6% more than the the year before according to the ATM.

More reasons to use public transit:

  • It is much safer: the possibility to have an accident in a car or motorcycle is 10 times more than on a autobus, and 44 times more than on the Metro.
  • It is faster in the city: the Metro travels at 25-30 km/h (15-20 mph), while a private vehicle in Barcelona moves at 20-22 km/h (13-14 mph) on average.
  • Occupies less space and it frees it up for other social uses. Each transit passenger that rides in a bus needs 5% of the space that is occupied in a car.
  • Consumes less energy per kilometer and person transported.
  • Helps to reduce the emissions of contaminant gases into the atmosphere, as established by the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Helps reduce the levels of noise in cities.
  • A typical trip of 5 km (3 m) in the metropolitan area is 9 times more expensive than public transport–car: 5 €; Metro or bus: 0.55 €
  • The social costs of a private vehicle generates 14 times more social costs and congestion than public transport.

The busses of TMB are now 100% accessible. The renewal of the fleet in order to achieve the accessibility meant that there have been greater donations of busses than in the past. The Barcelona busses end up in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Jordan, Arequipa (Peru), La Habana (Cuba) and Cape Verde.