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Tax time - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Tax time [ Thursday, 29 Mar 07 | 17:33 ]
[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |relievedrelieved]

As I have done for at least the past ten years, I prepared my US income taxes using TurboTax. This year is the first year that I am filing as living in a foreign country. As a result, I had to mail my return rather than file it electronically. Interestingly enough I could file California forms electronically as a non-resident.

I started working on my taxes in January, but had to wait for all my tax reporting statement forms to be available on line, which was the beginning of February. I spotted what I considered to be an error from one of the financial institutions. Six weeks and five calls later, I decided to accept the information as originally prepared.

It’s rare that I have to mail anything here, so I don’t have any stamps on hand. Not only that, when you send something overseas the rate varies by the country destination. Fortunately for me, the rates between the US and Spain are relatively low. I had to pay a total of 2.44 € for the two letters. My 1040 was considerably heavier than the other form I had to send.

When I was at the Correos, I said that I wanted to make sure that the letters were sent por avión. The clerk responded that everything sent to the US was sent by air. Packages are another matter! It’s interesting how post offices seem so similar even in different countries. I have found that staff here in Spain seem a little more friendly than the US and I am clearly a foreigner.