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Bearcelona07: The YouTube Clips - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Bearcelona07: The YouTube Clips [ Thursday, 12 Apr 07 | 12:51 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |jubilantjubilant]

I was a “V.I.B.” at the recently held Bearcelona07 meeting. During the event I ran into a number of people I had met before as well as meeting some new people. Mainly I hung-out at the host bars. I also hosted, at different times, my friends Stephen from Austin, TX and Pavel from Praha, capital of the Czech Republic.

Here are some clips of Bearcelona07 from YouTube.
You will see gorkabear in the clips.

Bearcelona.07 - Telecinco

I was interviewed by both Telecinco and Localia TV. You can see me for a few seconds on this clip, which was broadcast all over Spain.

Bearcelona.07 - Dancing

As usual there was dancing until dawn every night.

Bearcelona.07 - Official dinner

This year the official dinner was held at the host hotel, Hotel Barcelona Princess.

Bearcelona.07 - Pool party

As usual, the pool party was convened at a private Catholic girl's school.
You may not recognize gorkabear's backside.


[User Picture]From: kodanuki
Thursday, 12 Apr 07 | 14:36 (UTC)
Brilliant clips!
Thanks for posting!
(arent Brits cute!)
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[User Picture]From: cuboz
Sunday, 15 Apr 07 | 06:39 (UTC)


I just love the fact that a news clip was broadcast, on ewhat appears to be National Network news!

They'd NEVER do that here - maybe for Mardi Gras itself, but not for a smaller, sub-festival, like the Bear run down here, Bear Essentials.

Oh, it looked like LOTS of fun!

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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Sunday, 15 Apr 07 | 19:31 (UTC)

Re: Superstar!

Telecinco is a nation-wide network here in Spain. One of the largest shareholders is Silvio Berlusconi, former PM of Italy (and under a number of criminal indictments.)

When Pedro Veral, from Zaragoza, won International Mr Bear in 2006, he was interviewed on Andreu Buenafuente’s talkshow, which is very popular and appears on another network. (As an aside, this year’s International Mr Bear was won by another Spaniard, Andres Piedehierro.)

This type of coverage barely raises an eyebrow here. That doesn't mean they all approve of it, but they don't get enraged as they seem to in some other former British colonies. Another cultural difference is the number of beards that you see on TV personalities and politicians here.

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