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Buyer´s Remorse - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Buyer´s Remorse [ Monday, 10 Jan 05 | 17:38 ]
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Buyer’s remorse is the term used to describe the concerns you have about major commitments like buying or selling a house. There’s usually a big price tag involved. One can get similar feelings when you get married as well, although it’s not called buyer’s remorse. :-)

I’ve been suffering from buyer’s remorse the last few days even though I haven’t bought anything yet. In this case it’s more the prospect of buying rather than the actual act. You would think that I would be having seller’s remorse now that my house should finally be sold tomorrow, Tuesday.

But to tell the truth, I haven’t felt bad about selling my house. I loved it’s location with the views of the Bay, the quietness of the neighborhood, and the proximity to the City. But I have been wanting to move to and retire in Spain for nearly four years now. And now that the time has arrived, all those lingering doubts surface.

I haven’t really experienced any disappointments here, save for trying to obtain private health care insurance. The people continue to be warm and offer their assistance. The hotel staff including the owner take an active role in hearing about my adventures.

So tomorrow I am going El Masnou and give the real-estate office 600 € to show my interest in the piso that I have mentioned repeatedly. The agent called and said that normally people provide 10% of the asking price to, but since I am an extranjero (foreigner), I would only have to make a token payment. It’s true that they are looking forward to a sale, but it shows that they are willing to make things easier for me.

This may be just the thing to cure my buyer’s remorse and get me moving forward. It’s true that I could keep looking for other properties, but I know that this particular one fulfills my requirement list. I think that it is prophetic that on the same day the finishing of the sale of one home is met with the beginning of buying another.

Thanks to a number of you who sent me messages of support during my time of stress the last couple of days. Every person said that I should stay here in Spain and continue moving forward. And that is what I intend to do.