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El Masnou Elections - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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El Masnou Elections [ Sunday, 27 May 07 | 23:52 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Municipal elections were held today and here are the results as compared to the elections 4 years ago. The results were posted on the Net two hours after the polls closed.

El Masnou
Election Results
Category 2007 2003
Eligible voters 16,942 16,971
Actual voters 9,212 10.686
Participation 54.37% 62.97%
PSC 27.06% 23.36%
CiU 24.96% 29.22%
ERC 14.38% 20.48%
ICV-EUiA 12.51% 13.45%
PP 11.15% 12.03%
Blank 4.25% 1.46%
CS 3.15% N/A
GIM 2.53% N/A

Here are some observations:

  • The number of eligible voters was virtually unchanged.
  • Voter participation fell considerable from 63% to 54%.
  • Winners, in terms of increased percentages, were: PSC, Blank lists, CS, and GIM.
  • CS and GIM are new this year.
  • Blank lists or votes are like “none of the above”.
  • Losers, in terms of reduced percentages, were: CiU and ERC, both nacionalista parties.
  • Little changed were: ICV-EUiA and PP.
  • No party won an absolute majority, although PSC won a plurality this year as compared to CiU previously.
  • My guess is that PSC, ERC and ICV-EUiA will again form a tri-partite council.

Over the past couple of weeks I received literature adressed to me in the mail. One of the people I know suggested that they mail to a list of the people who pay city taxes from the Ajuntament. I can’t vote since I don’t hold an EU passport. An interesting thing is that where there usually is a stamp, the material says propaganda electoral. I think is quite descriptive.

Remember you vote for a list of candidates rather than individuals. The D'Hondt method (equivalent to Jefferson's method) is used for allocating seats in party-list proportional representation. The rationale behind this procedure is to allocate seats in proportion to the number of votes a list received. This makes it possible for parties having relatively few votes to be represented. El Masnou has 21 regidors to elect.

Ciutadans - CS

A twelve-page B&W flyer with mainly text and only one photo, the candidate for alcalde. Half is in castellano and half in català. The party claims to be centro izquierda no nacionalista. But one of my friends who is a nacionalista said that this party was the most nacionalista of all. (I forgot to ask him about his own party allegiance.) The party says that they follow the principios y valores del liberalismo progresista y del socialismo democrático. The “s-word” normally doesn’t show up in main-stream US politics. This is a new party with few adherents.


A multi-fold flyer with their unmistakable green. Half is in castellano and half in català. They claim to be the party de izquierdas y ecologists de verdad. Out of the list of 25 candidates there are:

  • 12 ICV
  • 5 EUiA
  • 8 “independent”

So they are apparently a coalition of candidates.


Multi-fold flyer all-color flyer. All in català. Of the list of 31 candidates there are:

  • 17 men, including 4 with beards
  • 14 women, including mayoral candidate.

Their logo says esquerra which means left.


Material included a DVD. Printed material was the insert and favored català over castellano. Their list of 31 candidates include:

  • 16 men, including mayoral candidate and 5 with facial hair
  • 15 women

The DVD featured a drive by of where I live and a some local merchants. The center-right nationalist CiU controlled El Masnou for 23 years until the leftest parties took over 4 years ago.

I have not received any material from the socialistas nor the populares. Also, I have seen street posters showing a grey-bearded man with text saying that there is a Grup Independent del Masnou or GIM, which I believe means not affiliated with any other party.

I mention facial hair since in the US the conventional wisdom for politicians is don’t. As far as TV ads go, free space was offered to all parties and was provided typically at the end of newscasts. They ran for about a minute each. Also, I didn’t receive any “robo-calls.”

The day before election is traditionally a day of reflection with no electioneering. I found on the city web-site that they had a concert where all the candidates for alcalde demonstrated their artistic talents (mainly through singing). No comment necessary.