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Election results and a few thoughts - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Election results and a few thoughts [ Monday, 28 May 07 | 20:30 ]
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From the town council website

El PSC ha estat la llista més votada amb el guany de dos regidors respecte als resultats als resultats de 2003, i es queda amb 7 regidors. La segona força és CiU amb 6 regidors. ERC n'ha baixat 1, i es queda amb 3 regidors, mentre que ICV ha mantingut els actuals 3 regidors, i el PP els seus dos representants. Ni el GIM, ni Ciutadans han obtingut representació. La participació ha estat d'un 54,25%, 8,5 punts per sota de les eleccions del 2003.

Here’s my rough translation to English…

The PSC has been the list most voted and it gained two town councillors with respect to the results of 2003, and is left with 7 councillors. The second force is CiU with 6 councillors. ERC was lowered by 1 and is now left with 3 councillors, meanwhile ICV has maintained its 3 councillors, and the PP its two representatives. Neither the GIM, nor Ciutadans have obtained representation. The [voter] participation was at 54.25%, 8.5 points under the elections of 2003.

El Masnou
Town Councillors
Party 2007 2003
PSC 7 5
CiU 6 7
ERC 3 4
ICV-EUiA 3 3
PP 2 2
Total 21 21

If you want to see how the method of D’Hont works, look here.

Fourteen men and seven women are now members of the town council. The make-up of the council is now 13 left versus 8 right. After the previous election in 2003, it was 12 versus 9. So there has been a slight shift to the left. Also, the two nacionalista parties, CiU and ERC both lost one seat.

My biggest concern is that of voter participation:

  1. The number of eligible voters was nearly the same as in 2003 even though the population has grown.
  2. The percentage of eligible voters who actually voted dropped by 8.5%.
  3. The number of “blank” votes rose to 4.25% more than either GIM or Ciutadans.

With seven parties from communist to ultra-right and even a local group of independents, there certainly were enough choices. This voter malaise seems to be especially apparent here in Catalunya. I can’t seem to come to any conclusion about why this might be. But we know the danger of small, highly-motivated groups taking over the governmment and what can happen.

Feel free to comment.