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Buying a Piso - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Buying a Piso [ Wednesday, 19 Jan 05 | 15:48 ]
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On Monday I took the train to El Masnou and met with my real-estate agent or asesora inmobiliaria. I provided her with contact information for a bancario or teller at my branch of La Caixa. I was introduced to the directora de la oficina or office manager at DonPiso.

The directora wanted me to feel at ease. She said that I shouldn’t worry and that the money transfer from the US to España will take some time. She also said that I would have several days to examine the paperwork before I had to sign it in front of a notario or notary.

Here in the US you have a 30-minute appointment where you sign a number of documents with scant time to read all the legalese. They want to allay any fears I might have since I am an extranjero or foreigner.

They will take care of communication with the bank, etcetera. There will be only about ten pages of paperwork for me to look over, far less than the many documents that are required in California.

The directora indicated that it used to be more complicated to buy a home, but now the agency took care of many details, similar as in the US. She said that people also wanted the garantía or guarantee provided by going through a company like DonPiso.

So I am feeling pretty good about buying a piso here as the real-estate agency is aware of my situation being an extranjero and wants me to be comfortable with the transaction.

More about the Piso
As I was walking to the estación de Renfe or Renfe train station, I peered into the glass door of the edificio or building where my piso is located. I thought that the entrada or entrance looked pretty good, what with the marble floor and all. The marmol or marble had more veins of grey than I had remembered before and the overall appearance wasn’t too white for me. And the towels I had seen at El Corte Inglés would be a good match.

There’s a monthly fee or comunitaria mensual of 30 € for cleaning the entrance and the stairwell.

¡El dinero ya llegó! (The Money Has Arrived!)
Tuesday evening I called Calfornia to make sure that they have started the money transfer. I was assured that it would go out that day. Wednesday morning at 9am I received a phone call from La Caixa that they had a transferencia or transfer for me. I said, yes, please accept it. And now this evening the transfer showed up in my account!