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Hoy Cocinas Tú [ Tuesday, 24 Jul 07 | 22:08 ]
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Hoy Cocinas Tú es un programa de cocina, que se emite de lunes a viernes a las 08:30 horas en laSexta. Cada día acudirá una persona que quiere aprender a cocinar un menú especial.

La conductora del programa, Eva Arguiñano, se encargará de enseñarle todos los trucos y técnicas necesarias para que pueda preparar ese mismo menú sin su ayuda.

Eva Arguiñano,
conductora del programa

Today You Cook

Today You Cook is a cooking program, that is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 08:30 am on laSexta. Each day will appear a person that wants to learn to cook a special meal.

The conductor of the program, Eva Arguiñano, will be in charge of teaching all of the tricks and techniques necessary so that one could prepare the same meal without her help.

Probably all the networks in Spain have cooking programs, but I like this one the best. It combines real-world cooking with “reality TV”. Viewers are selected and appear on the show with Eva. They watch, help cook, and ask questions while the various plates are prepared up to and including presentation.

Then the camera crew follows the “victim” as he/she asks friends over for the meal. Next, the person goes grocery shopping with a list of ingredients. Once home, meal preparation begins. Finally the group of friends arrive, sit down, devour the meal, and offer their critique.

Sunday morning Ruben and I watched as a 20-something male invited four of his male friends over dinner. It was fun to watch both the “teaching” part of the show and then his own cooking attempts and finally all his friends commenting on the food. Spaniards are known for their candid comments in situations like this.

The website is in castellano and has videos and recipes of the meals that can be printed.

The cook´s brother, Karlos Arguiñano, is well known and has his own cooking show on Telecinco.