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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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¡En Huelga! [ Wednesday, 25 Jul 07 | 06:36 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Trabajadores de la empresa Dogi cortan la N-II
Los manifestantes protestaban contra el cierre de fábricas y los despidos

Centenares de personas, entre trabajadores de Dogi, familiares y vecinos de El Masnou (Barcelona), se han manifestado por esta localidad y han cortado al tráfico durante casi una hora la carretera N-II para protestar contra el cierre de dos fábricas y el despido previsto de 179 empleados.

La manifestación coincide con una huelga de 24 horas, estaba encabezada por una pancarta con el lema "No más despidos.

On Strike!

Around 1 pm today I took out four bags to recycle and noticed the the roadway (N-II or “Nacional Dos”) was empty of traffic, in both directions. This is very unusual since this is coastal highway that goes from the French border to Madrid.

So after I took care of my “trash”, I walked out into the middle of the road and noticed a bunch of flags in the distance. So I walked towards “city hall” and saw a group of protesters waving Catalan flags with “CCOO” and “UGT” emblazoned on them. These are the two largest labor unions or sindicatos in Spain. There were a few police there, but seemed mainly just controlling traffic.

Workers of the Dogi company cut N-II
The demonstrators were protesting against the closing of factories and lay-offs.

Hundreds of persons, among them workers of Dogi, families and neighbors of El Masnou (Barcelona), have demonstrated in this locality and have cut the traffic for almost one hour the highway N-II to protest the closure of two factories and the expected lay-off of 179 employees.

The demonstration coincides with a strike of 24 hours, headed by a banner with the theme “No more layoffs”.

Dogi has been “off-shoring” much of production to other countries where labor rates are much lower. Catalunya has been noted as a production center for fabrics for over a hundred years. The company headquarters remain here, but the factories and jobs are now overseas.