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A morning bike ride - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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A morning bike ride [ Thursday, 26 Jul 07 | 10:48 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Yesterday morning I took my camera along for my weekday bike ride and here are a few of the pictures that I snapped. These are taken from around 09:30 to 10:00 in the morning so there are few people on the beach.

New Park

This is the new park about 300 m from my home. Very typical here of being low maintenance (no lawn), benches, and “tot yard”. The building on the left is known as “The Green Tower” and is one of El Masnou’s landmarks.


This is how they build up the beach. The dredger to the right is sucking up sand off shore and then deposited on the beach. Later, a bulldozer smoothes out the piles of sand. It looks like they are finally almost finished. We’ll see how long the expanded beach lasts.

Last month they widened the beach at Premià de Mar and it looks good.

New Park at Montgat

This is part of the new park at the beach in Montgat. It is an extension of the park with the 1714 monument. It is located by a hillside that comes right down to the Mediterranean and is the home of the first railroad tunnel in Spain.

The building in the background contains condos. Most of the other buildings of the same development are much lower in height. You can see them to the left of the “tower.”

New Park at Montgat
another view

Taken from close to the previous picture, but looking back so that you can see the beach. the new beach improvements include lifeguard stand, showers and “tot yard.” There is a lot of parking available. And it fills up every day. There are plenty of cars even at 10 in the morning.

Monument at Montgat

This is the monument commemorating the defeat of Barcelona on 11 September 1714. Thus ending the War of the Spanish Succession (and the loss of the Catalan empire, also known as the Crown of Aragón empire.) The 11th of September is a Catalan holiday.

The sign on the left extols the improvements being made (by the central government) and the cost. In the background you can see the artificial hill that was built, replete with grass (a rarity here) and trees.

Badalona Beach

This is one of the beaches in Badalona looking towards Montgat. Notice the commuter rails on the left with the split maritime way with bikes on the left and pedestrians on the right. The train I take to Barcelona rides these rails.

The first of next year the commuter rail system will transfer from Renfe, the Spanish national rail network, to FGC, the railroads of the Generalitat of Catalunya.