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More about storm damage - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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More about storm damage [ Tuesday, 14 Aug 07 | 17:33 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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This morning I took my bike ride to Premià de Mar and was forced to walk my bike over two river channels due to the depth of soft gravel that was deposited from the storm on Sunday night. One was the riera de Alella which is about 300 meters from where I live and the other was the riera de Teià right next to the Paris Meridian or Green Meridian as it called here.

Pipes along the bank of the riera de Alella.
Now gone after the flash-flood.

When I was returning home, I asked a workman what had happened to the pipes that had been stacked along the bank of the Alella channel. He said that the flash-flood sent them all out to sea. These were to be used for building a passenger bridge over the river.

On the home front, Monday morning I was confronted with the garage door not opening, the elevator not functioning, and the building entrance that had been flooded by the backed up sewer. This being August, the property owners’ administrator was on vacation, so I couldn’t go and have the administrator deal with the problems. I am community president this year so it is my responsibility to take care of issues.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t take my bike ride or go grocery shopping as I couldn’t get into the garage. Fortunately mid-morning I heard the garage door opening and I rushed down to find my next-door neighbor in the garage. I told her that I couldn’t get the door opened. She showed me the circuit box for the building and said that the GFI circuit breaker had switched. She told me what each switch in the box operated. There was also written labels that helped.

Apparently when the neighborhood lost power on Sunday night, there was a pulse of power that caused the GFI switch to operate. I was relieved that I could now take my bike ride and go shopping as planned. I convinced my neighbor to call the elevator maintenance company (Otis) and we believed that they would be out the next day. Neither one of us knew who to call for cleaning the floor.

After I had returned from grocery shopping the video doorman rang and it was the maintenance man for the elevator. We took a look at the cavity at the bottom of the elevator shaft to see if there had been seepage during the “flood”. But there was no water, just a little dampness.

It wasn’t five minutes later that I heard the elevator working. The repair person told me that the circuit breaker had flipped and a fuse was blown, but nothing else. I told him that the administrator was on vacation and that we had to call direct. He said ¿Qué país? and then España es diferente to which I responded sí, en todas maneras. We both laughed. He told me he was very busy with all the outages caused by the storm.

I figured that I would go down and do some cleaning at the building entrance this morning, but when I went for my bike ride at 08:30, I smelled disinfectant as soon as I opened the door to my piso. When I got to the ground floor I found that it had been all cleaned. So that happened after I got home around 20:30 last night and this morning. I was a bit surprised.


[User Picture]From: rockey1
Tuesday, 14 Aug 07 | 16:32 (UTC)

WEll as I said

It sounds like they are on top of things. I basically brought the rain to Australia and they are in the midst of about an 8 year drought. Especially Brisbane who didn't really get the rain when I was there and they only have about enough water for a year and a half. It is getting very serious there.
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