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Tiquet Ciència [ Sunday, 19 Aug 07 | 11:37 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Science Ticket

When I visited the Museu Agbar, I noticed posters for the Tiquet Ciència or Science Ticket, which appeals to my geekier side. It’s common for promotions focusing on art attractions, but not on science and technology.

One ticket, seven attractions. The Tiquet Ciència provides admission to seven visitor attractions for a ticket price of 18.50 €.

  1. Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya
    The museum, in nearby Terrassa, is housed in a building representing Catalan industrial modernisme architecture, and provides an insight into the history of science, technology and the process of industrialisation in Catalunya.

  2. CosmoCaixa. Obra Social “la Caixa”
    The new science museum devoted to stimulating scientific knowledge among the community. The Geological Wall and Flooded Forest are two of its major attractions. I have been told that this is a “must see” attraction. Think Exploratorium.

  3. Parc Zoològic de Barcelona
    Over 7,000 animals from some 500 species — including tropical birds, reptiles, felines, ursines and other species — live at the Barcelona Zoo.

  4. Museu Marítim de Barcelona
    The museum is housed in the Royal Shipyards, a unique example of Gothic Civil architecture. The exhibits travels on a journey through the history of seafaring through spectacular re-creations of authentic maritime settings. This is housed in the largest standing building of its type in the world.

  5. Jardí Botànic de Barcelona
    The Botanical Gardens are located in Montjuïc Park, and here you can discover the vegetation from the five regions of the world with a Mediterranean climate:
    1. the Mediterranean Basin,
    2. California,
    3. Chile,
    4. South Africa,
    5. Australia.

  6. Museu de Ciències Naturals
    The Museu de Geologia showcases important collections of minerals, rocks and fossils, and the Museu de Zoologia, housed in a unique modernisme building, features extensive zoological collections.

  7. Museu Agbar
    Located in the water-production and treatment plant in Cornellà, the museum provides a unique insight into the past and present of the Barcelona water supply.

OK, so architecture was mentioned several times. I suppose that could be considered both art and engineering.


[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Monday, 20 Aug 07 | 08:58 (UTC)
I've visited all of them except Museu de Zoologia (18 years of schooling in Barcelona mean that).

I loved all of them, but I always thought they weren't "deep" enough. Nevertheless, things I loved from those museums were:

-A special exhibit on the history of the motorbike brand Derbi on the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Terrassa.
-How the building was recovered at the Museu de l'Aigua.
-The recreation of the Battle of Lepanto at the Marítim.
-The cut-out of a submarine at CosmoCaixa (formerly known as Museu de la Ciència... It's changed a lot since I went there in the mid 80s).

BTW, the building that hosts the Museu de Zoologia was designed to be as the restaurant for the International Exhibit in 1888 but wasn't finished on time, hehehe - and it's not "Modernista" per se, although some traits are present.
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