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La capital del imperio no vota [ Wednesday, 19 Sep 07 | 12:05 ]
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Redacted from today’s Diario de Washington (Washington Diary) from La Vanguardia a center-right (CiU) newspaper based in Barcelona.

La capital del imperio no vota

Es como si Madrid no pudiera elegir a diputados a las Cortes. Los habitantes de Washington, la capital más poderosa del mundo, están privados de representación en el Congreso de Estados Unidos desde hace más de doscientos años. La extraña peculiaridad histórica continuará porque la minoría republicana en el Senado bloqueó ayer un nuevo intento de que a los casi 600.000 washingtonianos se les otorgue al menos un escaño en la Cámara de Representantes.

De nada sirvió que el joven y dinámico alcalde, el demócrata Adrian Fenty, acudiera al Senado para interceder por los derechos de sus conciudadanos. El Distrito de Columbia (DC), nombre oficial de la capital, seguirá teniendo un delegado en la Cámara de Representantes, con voz pero sin voto, como ocurre sólo con territorios estadounidenses de índole semicolonial, como Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa o las islas Vírgenes.

The capital of the empire does not vote

It is as if Madrid could not elect deputies to the Cortes [Spanish Congress]. The inhabitants of Washington, the most powerful capital of the world, have been prevented from representation in the Congress of the United States for more than two hundred years. This strange historical peculiarity will continue because the Republican minority in the Senate blocked yesterday a new attempt to grant the almost 600,000 Washingtonians a seat in the House of Representatives.

Nothing was served when the young and dynamic mayor, the Democratic Adrian Fenty, went to the Senate to intercede for the rights of his fellow citizens. The District of Columbia (DC), official name of the capital, will continue having a delegate in the House of Representatives, with voice but without vote, as it happens only with American territories of semi-colonial nature, like Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa or the Virgin Islands. [Astute readers will recognize that all but Samoa were former colonies or territories of Spain.]


I find it interesting that only the Google News page had an article on this matter. CNN’s US website had the following...

Latest News

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  • Cops put on leave after Tasering student
  • Dad of toddler left in Australia may be in U.S.
  • Judge: Spears must undergo drug testing
  • Tiny killer lurks in Florida lakes
  • Powerful typhoon slams Chinese coast
  • KPHO: Suspected cop killer shot dead
  • Son sues over mom's Katrina hospital death
  • Ticker: Giuliani says he's MoveOn's nightmare
  • 14 families of 9/11 victims settle suit
  • Suspected meteorite causes sickness 49 min
  • SI: Sex case hears of NBA star's tirade
  • WJXT: Disabled man fights airline ban
  • YouTubers, comedians mock O.J. Simpson
  • Man puts rattlesnake in mouth, gets bitten
  • CNN Wire: Latest updates on top stories

Spanish readers probably find it ironic that the US talks about democracy, but doesn’t afford all those under its control the right to representation, one of the rallying cries of the American Revolution. Spain has no territories, all lands controlled by Spain have “autonomous” government and representation in their parliament.The La Vanguardia writer reveals his POV by using terms like “empire” and “semi-colonial” in describing the US. On the other hand, the article does show some knowledge of American politics and the ensuing power struggles.


[User Picture]From: cuboz
Thursday, 20 Sep 07 | 02:39 (UTC)
What I find amazing is that they had a story based on something happening here in Australia - you KNOW how US-centric the media there can be...

Probably was only there because he MIGHT be in the US.... and they found the body of his wife in the boot of a car near their home in NZ yesterday... He is in SERIOUS trouble!!!
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