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El otoño ya llegó - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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El otoño ya llegó [ Friday, 05 Oct 07 | 10:19 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Autumn has already arrived

The chiringuitos have disappeared. The beaches are deserted except for the die-hard surfistas. The temperatures are in the mid-70s (23º-25ºC) during the day and 68ºF (20ºC) at night. Very pleasant weather for yours truly.

October is the wettest month of the year here. After threatening for more than a day, we finally had a nice rain yesterday evening. More unsettled weather is in the forecast. We still are in a serious drought here.