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Este verano tampoco hemos vendido ni un solo bombóm - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Este verano tampoco hemos vendido ni un solo bombóm [ Thursday, 18 Oct 07 | 11:02 ]
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Como cada año, para evitar que el calor estival pueda deteriorar, aunque sea minimamente, el sabor de nuestros bombones, preferimos suspender su venta temporalmente.

Por eso, en Octubre [sic] Ferrero Rocher y Mon Chéri vuelven a estar a la venta, más frescos buenos que nunca.

This summer again we have sold not a single bonbon

Like every year, to avoid the summer heat that can deteriorate, even if it is minimally, the flavor of our chocolates, we prefer to suspend their sale temporarily.

For this reason, in October Ferrero Rocher and Mon Chéri return to be sold, fresher and better than ever.

Yeah, right. This marketing fluff appeared as an overwrap for today’s edition of ADN, a free newspaper distributed here.

It’s interesting as I don’t remember a season or period of time that these products were not available for sale in the States. It’s true that they have additional presence during the upcoming holiday season, but that just means you see them in more places. Oh, and they do have air conditioning here.

Ferrero also produces the very popular Nutella along with many other products, including Pocket Coffee, Giotto, Confetteria Raffaello coconut cream candy, and the tic tac breath mints. They also produce the Kinder product series, including Kinder Surprise (also known as "Kinder Eggs"), Fiesta Ferrero, Kinder Chocolate bars, Kinder Happy Hippo, Kinder Maxi, Kinder Délice and Kinder Bueno.


From: square_baker
Thursday, 18 Oct 07 | 17:28 (UTC)
Yum to chocolate.

Bleah to old chocolate.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 19 Oct 07 | 04:57 (UTC)

Old chocolate

I doubt that European chocolate is very fresh in the States, unless it comes by air freight.

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[User Picture]From: cuboz
Sunday, 21 Oct 07 | 23:40 (UTC)
I tried to order a few boxes of See's Candies from SFO a couple of months ago (coz I LOVE 'em), and they wouldn't process the order because they couldn't guarantee their quality during summer months!


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