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Back in the USA - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Back in the USA [ Thursday, 08 Nov 07 | 15:59 ]
[My Location |Alameda, CA USA]
[My Mood |tiredtired]

I landed at SFO about 20:30 on Tuesday evening. The pilot said that it was partly cloudy, but it looked clear to me. A half an hour later I had cleared immigration and customs.

While I was waiting for the BART train to the East Bay, I tried calling my son to let him know when I would be arriving in Oakland. Twice I got the message from T-Mobile saying that my call could not be made and to call 611. I called and they were less than helpful. So I decided to try a different network. While searching, I received a couple messages from my vendor, Movistar. The last one said that I should be using Cingular, now known as AT&T for making calls in the US. Miraculously the phone had switched to AT&T and I was able to call my son.

The past two days have been foggy and chilly. Although the temperature is only a few degrees cooler than Barcelona, it feels a lot colder.

One of my first tasks was to have my ballots for voting sent to me in Spain. There is actually a Federal form that all States are suppose to use for this purpose. While I was going through the mail my son had saved for me, I noticed a dreaded Jury Summons. I breathed a sigh of relief to find that the trial was not until the 26th, so I avoided a fine/jail term for missing the trial. Lucky for me, both the jury department and registrar of voters are located in the same building not far from where I am staying.

I called the jury department and told them of my situation of now residing in Spain (which excuses one from jury duty.) They said I needed to show proof that I lived there. I told the woman that I had a copy of a property tax bill receipt and also a document saying that I was registered with the town council. She was hoping the documents were in English. So I asked if they had their own documents in castellano since Alameda County is officially bilingual. We all know her answer to that question.

Anyway, I soon presented myself at the two departments and got things cleared up. Interesting that I was the only person there, in spite of the county population being about 1.5 million.

I have been busy buying a bunch of stuff to take back with me. In some cases I asked the retailer if they preferred that I pay using real money or devalued dollars. Most didn’t care, but were amused.

I was surprised to see that regular gas was selling for $3.45 USD for a non-Imperial gallon. It will be interesting to see if oil prices hit $100 USD a barrel and the Euro reaches a value of $1.50 USD by the time I return to Barcelona next week.

This weekend my son and I are headed to Folsom to see my daughter and her husband.


[User Picture]From: pauliebearsf
Friday, 09 Nov 07 | 01:00 (UTC)

Welcome Back!!!

Have a good time in the SF Bay Area....We hope to be out and about Sunday (maybe a visit to the beer bust).......

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[User Picture]From: double_ohsteven
Friday, 09 Nov 07 | 01:14 (UTC)
Welcome back to the U.S. How long will you be here? I just had another eye surgery yesterday. Am healing right now.
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 09 Nov 07 | 03:13 (UTC)

Am healing right now.

Yes, I read about your surgery on Gary's blog and commented there. I didn't know how long it would be until you felt like you could post. I am glad that all went well. i go back next Wednesday.

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[User Picture]From: bearsrider
Friday, 09 Nov 07 | 13:17 (UTC)
Have a good time there, Chuck.
Hey I didn't know you have a son and a daughter :) you lucky!
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[User Picture]From: urso
Saturday, 10 Nov 07 | 19:18 (UTC)

Re: Welcome Back!!!

How long are you here? Any chance we can hang out? Paulie's suggestion of the Sunday beer bust might be a good one.

It would be good to see you before we see you in Barcelona in June!
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Sunday, 11 Nov 07 | 15:00 (UTC)

Re: Welcome Back!!!

I am in Folsom this weekend and don't know if I will get back in time for the beer bust.

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