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The Bourne Identity - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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The Bourne Identity [ Monday, 12 Nov 07 | 13:14 ]
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[My Location |Alameda, CA USA]
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This past weekend my son and I drove to Folsom to visit my daughter and her husband. It was cloudy and gloomy all the way from Alameda, but we were still able to walk on local foot/bike paths and do some shopping before it started to rain about 1 pm.

My son-in-law prepared a nice dinner with a broiled rack of lamb, asparagus, and couscous along with some Argentinean malbec wine.

Later we watched The Bourne Identity. I enjoyed the movie, but was a bit concerned about how the CIA treated other countries. The arrogance and violence portrayed in the movie could give rise to resentment towards the US. Back when I was living in the US this issue probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

I was surprised about the number of ads and “pop-ups” on a couple of networks pushing for a more “green” environment. There were some good ideas presented, but most required consumers to buy replacement products rather than modifying their behaviour. For example, switching to a hybrid-powered vehicle instead of walking to a nearby store.

It rained all afternoon and nearly all night. More than the “possible showers” forecast for the Bay Area would suggest. Sunday afternoon was bright and clear when my son and I returned to Alameda. And now Monday is a cloudy and grey again. The few days that I have been here have been grayer and wetter than I remember for November. Barcelona tends to be sunnier this time of year. Of course the continuing drought may have something to do with that.


[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Tuesday, 13 Nov 07 | 00:27 (UTC)
I saw the movie for the first time Saturday night and I was also struck by that angle--but more in a "Wow, kinda surprising to see such a unrelentingly negative take on the CIA in a Hollywood film" sort of way. I start with the premise that all non-Usonians assume the CIA is doing dirty conspiratorial crap like that all the time so, at worse, the movie will simply confirm what they already think rather than building new reservoirs of resentment.
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