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Neula, another Catalan tradtion - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Neula, another Catalan tradtion [ Saturday, 08 Dec 07 | 13:35 ]
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Neula along with the bag from the shop.

Last weekend Ruben and I were walking along the Avinguda del Portal de l’Angel, just southeast of Plaça Catalunya. There aften are a string of temporary artisan shops set up in tents. This time they featured seasonal locally produced foods including embutidos, cheeses, honey, turrones and other sweets.

One shop, Casa Graupera from Mataró, the capital of the comarca (county) of Maresme. They bill themselves as “Mesters Neulers des de 1895” or master makers of neulas since 1895. This is a type of pastry that is almost as old as bread. It comes from the Middle East and is backed on a hot stone. The word neula comes from nebula or ”cloud”.

Usually they are rolled into a cylinder and filled with chocolate creme or similar. In the US you can buy them as Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes, as well as imported brands.

I was particularly intrigued by the Neules Medievals, which are flat. The shop owners said that they use a recipe from the 9th century! At the owners’ suggestion, we tried some later spread with honey. I had a jar of honey from Granja San Francisco, one of the products produced by Nutrexpa, headquartered in Barcelona. (They are also makers of Cola Cao.) It tasted as expected. They also can be eaten spread with Nutella.


[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Saturday, 08 Dec 07 | 13:45 (UTC)
Neules are eaten in Christmas...

But with honey and Nutella? That's heresy!

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