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Yet another holiday tradition - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Yet another holiday tradition [ Wednesday, 02 Jan 08 | 16:17 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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Last weekend Ruben told me that it was a tradition to wear ropa interior de color rojo (red underwear) on nochevieja (New Year’s Eve.) This is my fourth New Year here and that was news to me. Anyway, we both agreed to gift each other.

I only had Monday afternoon to shop for the red underware. I decided to go to the El Corte Inglés at Plaça Catalunya, since I knew they had a good selection. What I didn’t know was that there would be un caos with all the other customers with the same idea. But I did find a nice pair of briefs (slip) with Bugs Bunny riding a bicycle. Ciclismo is one of Ruben’s avocations. It was interesting to note that the company that imports these is based in Mataró, the capital and largest city of the comarca of the Maresme where I live.

We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve together. I was tired from a busy day so took a two-hour nap at 21:30. Ruben woke me up in time for the campanada, the Spanish version of the ball dropping at Times’ Square. Earlier in the morning I had bought uvas de suerte (“lucky grapes”) that are eaten one-at-a-time when the bell peals at midnight. We also picked out a bottle of cava to toast to the new year.

After we had settled down from the festivities at midnight, I started to channel surf and see what the other networks were offering for entertainment. On Quatro they had a “contest” of men and women modeling red underwear. Needless to say, the camera zoomed in on the contestants’ midsection. Some of the local channels were showing party goers sin ropa interior.

We called it a night around 1 am. During New Year’s Day several stations rebroadcast their multi-hour galas.


[User Picture]From: cuboz
Friday, 04 Jan 08 | 08:14 (UTC)
Red Underwear as a tradition sounds kind of neat! Unless you're one of those people that don't WEAR any underwear! LOL

And talking of THAT, I used Babelfish to translate 'sin ropa interior'. Now WHY were these people naked? And were there any good looks? Mainly women? Or men too! WOOOOOOoooo... :-)
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 04 Jan 08 | 08:51 (UTC)

sin ropa interior

Some of the local TV stations here blatantly use sex to attract viewers. New Year's is no exception. They are forced to display a triangle and "18" in the upper-left corner of the screen to indicate the age-level of the content. Yes, there were both naked men and women to be seen. But nothing of interest for me, but then again, my love interest was at my side.

Spanish has more explicit verbs than English. In this case desnudar means to take clothes off or, more literally, to become nude. A phrase you might like to learn is Quiero desnudarte, which means "I want to take your clothes off". I hear that one frequently from Ruben...

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