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Barcelona es el segundo destino turístico gay del mundo - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Barcelona es el segundo destino turístico gay del mundo [ Friday, 18 Jan 08 | 23:55 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
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(English version follows)

El turismo gay gasta más dinero (150 euros al día) y se queda más tiempo en la ciudad 

La ciudad de Barcelona es ya el segundo destino turístico homosexual del planeta, sólo por detrás de Amsterdam. Alrededor de 150.000 gais, lesbianas, transexuales y bisexuales de media Europa visitan cada año la capital catalana. Constituyen todavía un pequeñísimo porcentaje de los más de siete millones de turistas que cada año se acercan a Barcelona, pero su repercusión económica no es nada anecdótica. Si el turista medio gasta unos 90 euros al día en la ciudad y pernocta en ella cuatro noches, el gay desembolsa entre 130 y 150 euros diarios, y disfruta de Barcelona durante toda una semana.

Porque la mayoría son hombres de mediana edad. Las lesbianas, como el resto de las mujeres, ganan menos dinero. Y estos hombres, principalmente procedentes de Inglaterra, Alemania, Italia, Francia, Holanda y, en menor medida, los Estados Unidos, ni suelen tener hijos ni esperan tenerlos, y por tanto pueden permitirse viajar hasta tres veces más que el resto de la población y, además, gastarse la mitad de sus ingresos en ocio y moda, concretamente el 47,2%, según un estudio de la consultoría ArcoIris. En términos planetarios estamos hablando de más de 700 millones de dólares al año.

Barcelona is the second most popular gay tourist destination in the world

The typical gay tourist spends more money (150 € per day) and spends more time in the city

The city of Barcelona is already the second most popular gay tourist destination on the planet, only behind Amsterdam. Around 150,000 gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals of Europe on average visit every year the Catalan capital. They still constitute a small percentage of the more than seven million tourists who every year arrive at Barcelona, but its economic repercussion is not anecdotal. The average tourist spend about 90 € a day in the city and spend the night for four days, a gay tourist disburses between 130 and 150 € daily, and enjoys Barcelona a whole week.

The majority are middle-aged men. Lesbians, like the rest of the women, make less money. And these men, mainly coming from England, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and, to a lesser extent, the United States, usually do not have children nor hope to have them, and therefore they can afford to travel more, up to three times more, than the rest of the population and, in addition, to be spend half of their income on leisure and fashion, concretely 47.2%, according to a study by ArcoIris (Rainbow) Consultants. In planetary terms we are speaking of more than 700 million dollars a year.


[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Friday, 18 Jan 08 | 23:49 (UTC)
Everybody loves us for our loot now!
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[User Picture]From: rockey1
Saturday, 19 Jan 08 | 00:50 (UTC)

I guess I should come for a visit

I hope that you are doing well. Classes just started up again on Wed and another sememster is in full sweing. 2 more to go after this one. Going to stop this game at the end of next school year.

Hugs and have a great weekend. Actually eveyday is a weekend for you ins't it (smile)
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[User Picture]From: double_ohsteven
Saturday, 19 Jan 08 | 04:03 (UTC)
And I'm one of your statistics. This year however, I'm brushing up on my intermediate conversational french and heading for Paris where Philippe is for the month of June. I've been to Spain 4 times, Barcelona 3 times and they have been some of my most memorable vacations. So far not speaking Spanish was not too much of an obstacle, but it did separate me from some of the sexy, handsome young men that I met. Oh well.
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