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Comments about Barcelona gay tourism - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Comments about Barcelona gay tourism [ Saturday, 19 Jan 08 | 13:24 ]
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I decided to comment about the comments in a new posting...

rocky1's reply was:
Subject: I guess I should come for a visit

... Actually everyday is a weekend for you isn't it (smile)...

Not really. Most weekends I am occupied by entertaining Ruben. Twice a week I have to do watering, and there are groceries to buy, the house to clean, etc. And during the evening I go to la capital for the “two-for-one” Happy Hour several times a week. And it takes me sometimes six hours a day to get through all my Internet readings/responses. So I am busier than you might think.

double_ohsteven's reply was:

And I'm one of your statistics. This year however, I'm brushing up on my intermediate conversational french and heading for Paris where Philippe is for the month of June. I've been to Spain 4 times, Barcelona 3 times and they have been some of my most memorable vacations. So far not speaking Spanish was not too much of an obstacle, but it did separate me from some of the sexy, handsome young men that I met. Oh well.

Philippe seem to understand, or at least able to read, català without too much trouble. But then again it’s related to Occitan also known also as Lenga d'òc or Langue d'oc that was spoken in Southern France. Modern Occitan’s closest relative is català; in early medieval times, the two might be considered variant forms of the same language.

English-speakers often use the term “Provençal” (an older French word derived from the name of the region Provence) to refer to Occitan.

Speaking of things Occitan, I remember that Steve had some l’Occitan brand shower gel. I ran into one of their shops on La Rambla. There are 3 more in Barcelona and 5 shops in San Francisco.

I always recommend that travelers learn at least a few phrases in the native language of their destinations. Catalans forgive foreigners for not knowing català if they do speak some cristiano.

muckefuck's reply was:

Everybody loves us for our loot now!

This wasn’t news for me. Although the amount of loot is not always quantified. The Ajuntament (city council) of Barcelona even publishes a glossy gay guide in order to stimulate spending. Barcelona differs from places like Madrid or San Francisco in that it does not have a “ghetto” like Chueca or The Castro, but it does have a gay area referred to as Gaixample.


[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Sunday, 20 Jan 08 | 07:56 (UTC)
This wasn’t news for me.

For me neither. I just find it disappointing that so much of our current acceptance has been bought on the strength of our DINKiness. Makes me wonder what our lot would be if we were all poor. (Actually, I don't have to wonder too much: Because of the gender differential in wealth and pay, lesbians have a significantly lower average household income than gay men, and look at how much less visible they--and those who cater to them--are.)
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