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New TDT changes [ Saturday, 09 Feb 08 | 19:43 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |happyhappy]

Yesterday when I did a scan of TDT channels, I found two changes. One, Cincoshop, is a completely new station. The other, 105tv, previously was a station in test running previously broadcast material.

Cincoshop is a shopping channel owned by Telecinco. Gestevisión Telecinco, S.A., is one of the leading Spanish private TV companies, created by Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy.

105tv is a music video channel owned by Grupo Godó. The music consists of English language videos mainly from the US and UK. It would be considered an “oldies” station in the US. The music is similar to that broadcast on their FM station R105.

Grupo Godó also owns La Vanguardia, which is the highest-circulation daily newspaper based in Barcelona. Although the newspaper's articles are only in Spanish, letters submitted in Catalan are left untranslated and run next to the Spanish ones. Another unusual trait is its practice of always referring to Catalonia as Catalunya (the Catalan name) rather than the Spanish Cataluña. Interviews made in Catalan are frequently left untranslated, too. La Vanguardia’s political stance is center-right and usually associated with CiU.

La Vanguardia’s biggest competition is El Periódico de Catalunya a daily newspaper owned by Grupo Zeta. El Periódico is actually two newspapers, publishing separate editions in Spanish and in Catalan. It is a progressive paper unconnected with Catalan separatism and nationalism. It is often associated with the PSC.