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Back in Barcelona - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Back in Barcelona [ Monday, 04 Apr 05 | 20:56 ]
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It’s been a month since I returned to España after spending two weeks in the Bay Area. I accomplished pretty much everything I had hoped to while I was in the US including completing and filing my Federal and State income taxes. Now I am waiting for 14 boxes of momentos, media, books, kitchen stuff, and tax records.

I stayed with my son Jonathan who lives in Alameda and enjoyed my time with him. Alameda is really an interesting city with many old houses preserved from the 19th century. I also visited with my daughter Meg and her husband Ryan in Sacramento. I’m hoping that my children will come and visit me here this year.

I encountered some bad luck when I got to the train station at El Masnou upon my return. My computer was stolen as I was transferring my four pieces of luggage down the pedestrian tunnel. I am slowly recovering from the loss. I now have a replacement computer, so I can write blog entries off-line. Fortunately I do have insurance here so it won’t be that much of a financial burden. I am enjoying the ISO Spanish keyboard which makes it easier to produce ñ, ç and accented characters like á.

My bed arrived three weeks ago and most of my furniture has also been delivered. I am still waiting for my dining table and armario. Right now I am using a table that will end up on the terraza for eating.

And speaking of the terraza, the shed that took up almost half of the space is now gone. And what a difference that makes. The terraza is almost too big. Well, not really, but now the view is really impressive and the salón comedor is very bright. The terraza can probably hold fifteen people and I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can host people for get-togethers.


I have two friends helping me fix up my piso. I met Carlos the first week I was back. He is Puerto Rican and has gone back to college to become an architect. Since one of his parents is Spanish, he was able to obtain a Spanish passport easily and can attend a university for 250 € a semester here, which is much cheaper than in the States. I refer to this as the “Spanish plan”, namely you take advantage of educational and other amenities here while retaining your American citizenship.

Stephen is from Austin, TX and on an extended sabbatical. He is here in Barcelona for four weeks and plans on spending the summer in London. During his time off he will think about what next to do, either move to New England where he was born, or maybe even to Europe.

This past week Carlos and Stephen dismantled the shed that was on the terraza. Next week I hope to have started painting my piso. I have been looking at paint for weeks and have already decided on the colors for the bedroom and home office. After having lived in Kelly-Moore Frost homes for more than a decade, I am now going to have some bright colors.