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PSOE repeats victory in Spain - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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PSOE repeats victory in Spain [ Monday, 10 Mar 08 | 00:23 ]
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With about 95% of votes counted…

Absolute majority: 176 seats

2008 2004
Party Seats Votes % Seats Votes %
PSOE 169 10.634.008 43,73 164 11.026.163 42,59
PP 154 9.758.724 40,13 148 9.763.144 37,71
CiU 10 728.065 2,99 10 835.471 3,23
EAJ-PNV 6 300.515 1,24 7 420.980 1,63
IU 2 932.172 3,83 5 1.284.081 4,96
ERC 3 278.487 1,15 8 652.196 2,52
CC-PNC 2 124.750 0,51 3 235.221 0,91
BNG 2 202.924 0,83 2 208.688 0,81
UPyD 1 296.496 1,22 - - -
Na-Bai 1 62.073 0,26 1 61.045 0,24

[User Picture]From: muckefuck
Monday, 10 Mar 08 | 06:05 (UTC)
Interesting how the real losers in the election are the small parties, which (with the singular exception of the newly-formed UPyD) failed to increase their share of seats and, in many cases, lost a substantial portion of them. Is this a sign of frustration with coalition politics?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Monday, 10 Mar 08 | 07:49 (UTC)

Election results comments

Now that virtually all the votes have been counted (99.9%), there has been only a slight change in the results. PP lost one seat and CiU gained one seat from what I originally posted. Both are right-wing parties. In the past CiU, a Catalan party, formed a pact with PP. But recently PP has been perceived as being so ant-Catalan that such a pact is probably not politically viable for CiU now.

Here's what the newspapers are saying…

In El País (Madrid, PSOE) the headlines are:
El 9-M refuerza el bipartidismo
Los nacionalistas retroceden
• IU y ERC pierden su grupo parlamentario
• Cataluña y Euskadi son decisivas en el triunfo de los socialistas

In El Periódico (Barcelona, PSC) a bigger headline says:
Catalunya da la victoria a Zapatero

In La Vanguardia (Barcelona, CiU), more of the same:
Victoria de Zapatero ante un PP que resiste
ERC e IU-ICV sufren un severo retroceso debido a la gran bipolarización.

So indeed, the small, regional political parties lost their appeal. Especially the Republicanos (ERC). It looks like the Socialists were the main beneficiary here in Catalunya. My take is that a number of left-leaning people were afraid of a PP victory and switched to PSOE/PSC.

I think that the media, by concentrating on PSOE and PP, "robbed" the small, regional parties of exposure. Now, only 28 out of 350 seats are held by minor parties as compared to 38 seats in 2004. Also, the strident independentista stance taken by ERC probably didn't help their voter appeal.

Of the three people I asked, one voted for CiU, one for ERC and one for PSC, but that was a last-minute switch from ERC.

This morning Ruben said: PSOE ha ganado y ahora no necesita de Esquerra Republicana, al menos el PP no ha ganado y el futuro de Rajoy es más corto. Creo que ERC ya no tiene futuro.

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