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Goodbye to Stephen - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Goodbye to Stephen [ Thursday, 21 Apr 05 | 19:16 ]
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Yesterday I had to say “goodbye” to my friend Stephen who had been here for the past four weeks. He had been a big help in painting and general fix-up of my piso. Stephen also found time to do some sightseeing and enjoy the local scene. After spending the last nine years in Austin, TX, he was ready for a change. Stephen is also planning to spend much of the summer in London as part of his extended sabbatical. So here’s a public muchisimas gracias for all the help that Stephen provided me.

Stephen took a bunch of pictures while he was here. Take a look!

A “Tax” Rebate

At the beginning of April I went to the Ajuntament or city government of El Masnou and paid the service fees for trash and parking for the year. Yesterday I received a call from Sylvia, the secretary at Don Piso. She told me that I had paid double for the services since Don Piso had already paid for them for this year in January. Sylvia said that I should take my receipt and go to the Casa de Vila or City Hall and I would get reimbursed. So around noon today I sauntered on over. They already knew about my situation and that made it easier. And sure enough, they paid me in efectivo (cash).

A vigilante

I was recycling some plastic and paper yesterday an heard voice thanking me for recycling! I turned and there was an older man with a polo shirt that proclaimed that he was a citizen vigilante in El Masnou. I had seen vigilantes before walking around the town. They are part of the public security system here that includes the Mossos and local police of El Masnou. I chatted with the man and told him that I was from the US, but that I had bought a place and was living in El Masnou now. He asked what kind of work I was doing and I explained that I was retired and didn’t want to work any more.