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TDT changes [ Friday, 11 Apr 08 | 14:13 ]
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[My Location |El Masnou (Barcelona) España]
[My Mood |busybusy]

On the first of April, I did my monthly scan of TDT channels to see if anything new had started broadcasting. I was “rewarded” with yet another home-shopping station called PROMO. It’s part of the group of stations that owns Cuatro and CNN+. In total, there are 36 distinct TDT stations that I can receive.

The switch from analog to digital is being phased in Catalunya. Maresme is in the first zone to be switched. El Masnou is just a few kilometers inside this comarca (county). Although I can receive the TVC channels from Mataró, the signal is stronger from Barcelona. Ironically, Barcelona is in the last zone to be switched.

A few months ago I discovered that TVC is broadcasting an experimental HD signal from Mataró. I doubt that there are many viewers as I haven’t seen any STBs that can handle the signal.