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Kingdom of Heaven [ Friday, 11 Apr 08 | 14:14 ]
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Kingdom of Heaven is a 2005 epic film, directed and produced by Ridley Scott. The story is set during the Crusades of the 12th century with lots of battle scenes. A French military engineer serving as a village blacksmith goes to aid the city of Jerusalem in its defense against the Muslim leader Saladin, who is battling to reclaim the city from the Christians. The script is a heavily fictionalized portrayal of Balian of Ibelin.

Most filming took place in Ouarzazate in Morocco, where Scott also filmed Gladiator. A replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem was constructed in the desert. Filming also took place in Spain, at the Alcázar in Sevilla, Ávila and the Loarre Castle in Aragón. I enjoy recognizing places that I have visited and the site in Sevilla is one of my favorites. You can tell it was the “real thing” as it is too expensive to construct such detailed work for a movie. (“Historical” movies made in Spain often use the actual locales and that ads an air of authenticity.)

In contrast to the film 300, Kingdom of Heaven portrays all the groups as being somewhat evil. As Ruben put it, none of them were good, but some of the Christians were more evil than others. It makes it hard to “root for the good guy.”


From: ext_83464
Thursday, 17 Apr 08 | 23:06 (UTC)
i appreciate how Kingdom of Heaven says so much about religion and what drives men to use it for their own ends. And over all the movie seems to be fair in it's portrayal of Muslims, Christians and their (good or not so good) interactions.
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