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Windows backup [ Thursday, 01 May 08 | 12:24 ]
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I have a support question for you Windows weenies gurus. Now that I have a functional PC running Windows Vista Home Basic with SP1, I need a backup strategy. For the Mac OS X side, I use a combination of Carbon Copy Cloner for a bootable copy and Time Machine for incremental changes.

Since I will use Vista only occasionally, I don’t need an elaborate backup strategy. I will be using a partition on an external drive for this purpose. I started looking at the online “help” on Windows and it suggested using a program that would create a bootable copy, like CCC. But alas alack, it’s not available on the Vista “Home” versions.

Suggestions will be appreciated.


[User Picture]From: iberianbear
Thursday, 01 May 08 | 22:10 (UTC)
Did you know Time Machine can do a full system restore in an empty hardisk?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Thursday, 01 May 08 | 23:56 (UTC)

Can Time Machine do a full system restore?

In terms of taking a "system image" and copying it to an empty hard disk and making it bootable, the answer is no. That's what I use Carbon Copy Cloner for. You can "clone" a system on a fresh hard disk (or partition) and make it bootable (a check box). I have used my "cloned" copy a few times to save my ass. Periodically I run CCC to synchronize the cloned copy. (You can delete or archive old files.) CCC is free.

Time Machine can be used to recover changed or deleted files. Time Machine comes with Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard".

Chuck, stuck in California
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[User Picture]From: iberianbear
Friday, 02 May 08 | 00:10 (UTC)

Re: Can Time Machine do a full system restore?

"In terms of taking a "system image" and copying it to an empty hard disk and making it bootable, the answer is no."

Well, not strictly a system image, but can use a full HD time machine backup to recover a bootable system that is identical to the last backup file by file. Insert the Leopard DVD and then go to
"Restore system from Time Machine". Isn´t this funcionally equivalent to what you are doing?
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 02 May 08 | 02:38 (UTC)

Restore system from Time Machine

You can restore a system from a Time Machine backup, but that's not the same as just plugging in a cloned disk and booting off of it. It's more like installing a system from the DVD although the hard disk is faster.

Most writers suggest a combination of both strategies for backup. The Time Machine restore takes a long time as compared to just booting off the cloned disk. And you can use the cloned disk on someone else's Mac without disturbing their own boot disk.

And I still don't know how to make a system image on Vista.

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