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La Libertad y La Igualdad - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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La Libertad y La Igualdad [ Sunday, 18 May 08 | 09:08 ]
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Freedom and Equality

I was heartened that California’s Supreme Court found that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional in regards to its own Constitution. There is still a problem that gay marriages are not recognized at the Federal level. For a country that talks about freedom and equality, they still haven’t learned the walk.

Next month will be the third anniversary of legal marriage to same-sex couples in Spain. The law states:

“Matrimony shall have the same requirements and effects regardless of whether the persons involved are of the same or different sex.”

Before the Spanish Parliament voted to approve this bill, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero gave a speech in support of the measure. You can read the full text in English and castellano here.

One paragraph that stands out for me is as follows:

With the approval of this Bill, our country takes another step in the path of freedom and tolerance that was started by the democratic Transition. Our children view us with incredulity when we tell them that many years ago, our mothers had less rights than our fathers, or we tell them that people had to stay married against their will, even though they were unable to share their lives. Today we can offer them a beautiful lesson: every obtained right, and liberty has been the result of the struggle and sacrifice of many people of whom we must recognize and be proud.

Con la aprobación de este Proyecto de Ley nuestro país da un paso más en el camino de libertad y tolerancia que inició en la Transición democrática. Nuestros hijos nos mirarían con incredulidad si les relatamos que no hace tanto tiempo sus madres tenían menos derechos que sus padres y si les contamos que las personas debían seguir unidas en matrimonio, aún por encima de su voluntad, cuando ya no eran capaces de convivir. Hoy podemos ofrecerles una hermosa lección: cada derecho conquistado, cada libertad alcanzada ha sido el fruto del esfuerzo y del sacrificio de muchas personas que hoy debemos reconocer y enorgullecernos de ello.

In Spain a measure does not become law until it is published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (Official State Bulletin). Zapatero made sure that the new law was published immediately so that there would be something to celebrate for Gay Pride in Madrid that weekend.


[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Monday, 19 May 08 | 07:39 (UTC)
When the law was passed, it exceeded everybody's expectations here.
And the idea of just simplifying an existing law instead of "patching" a new one, was revolutionary.
It's been one of the very few times I've felt proud of holding a Spanish passport, and of having voted the right thing.
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