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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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El Clima [ Tuesday, 26 Apr 05 | 10:37 ]
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April and May are one of the “rainy seasons” here in Barcelona with about 50 or 60 mm a month of precipitation. That’s 2 to 2.5” for you Yanks. The other rainy season is at the end of summer in September and October when you can expect around 90 mm or 3.5” a month. The El Maresme area is known for late summer cloudbursts and Barcelona has frequent thunder and lightning when it does rain. Unlike the Bay Area it can rain here any month of the year, but the driest month is July.

Winters, in contrast to California, are generally dry here averaging 2” or less a month of precipitation. That compares to 4 or 5” of rain in Richmond during the winter months. The winter daytime temperatures here are 2 or 3 degrees F cooler here than in the Bay Area and this patterns holds until May when the temperatures are about the same.

From June through August it’s warmer here than in Richmond and about the same as in San José in the low- to mid-80s. The big difference here is that the nights are warmer, it being very pleasant as compared to the cold, breezy summer nights in San Francisco. Also, there’s no night and morning low clouds and fog that keeps the days cool in San Francisco and Richmond, less so in the South Bay.

September it starts to cool off here in Barcelona with the temperature between that of Richmond and San José. The warmest month of the year in Richmond is in September when the summer-time pattern of fog during the night and morning hours is replaced by more sun-filled days. And then from October forward it is again a couple of degrees cooler here in Barcelona.

The year-round temperature in Barcelona is 59.9 F compared to 60.2 F and 58.4 F for San José and Richmond, respectively. Richmond’s annual temperature is “depressed” because of the cool summer months due to the fog. Those of you who live in the South Bay would find the climate here in Barcelona quite similar temperature-wise.

Another thing I notice here is that there seems to be little change in temperatures from day-to-day here. We don’t seem to have as many “heat waves” here. For the past couple of months the daytime high has been going up about a degree (F) a week. Right now it’s 68-70 F, which is in my “ideal” zone.

The humidity here is running about 60% which is similar to Richmond and more than in San José. So far it has been very comfortable. We’ll see what it’s like when it heats up this summer.

From: (Anonymous)
Friday, 29 Apr 05 | 04:52 (UTC)

So where are the pictures?

We're still waiting for pictures. Did you ever get a digital camera?
Can you post pictures to this blog? If you can't there are other alternatives. Have you replaced your stolen laptop? Gad, that must have been traumatic.

[rchrd] http://www.rchrd.com/weblog/
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 29 Apr 05 | 10:14 (UTC)

Re: So where are the pictures?

Yes, I have a digital camera and have taken plenty of pictures, but I don't have a decent connection to the net yet! I'll see what I can do. There are already plenty of neighborhood pictures on my .mac homepage under "El Masnou".

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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Friday, 29 Apr 05 | 10:29 (UTC)


Yes, I got my replacement laptop about a month ago. It's another PowerBook 17", just like before. It has a slightly faster processor (1.67 GHz vs 1.33 GHz), a little more disk space, a brighter display, etc.

Yesterday (Thursday) Tiger arrived (Mac OS 10.4) and I installed it using the "upgrade" option. Working great!

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From: (Anonymous)
Friday, 29 Apr 05 | 16:38 (UTC)
Chuck, I see that Barcelona will be near the path of an eclipse on October 3 2005. It seems that it will be an annular one with the moon too small to completely cover the sun. Just thought that I would put this on your radar for the future. Hope all is well. Mark
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[User Picture]From: ursine1
Saturday, 30 Apr 05 | 18:29 (UTC)

Solar Eclipse

Thanks for the "heads up" Mark. October is in the middle of the other rainy season, so we will see what happens.

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