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This should come as no surprise [ Wednesday, 20 Aug 08 | 09:30 ]
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Study finds minorities more likely to be paddled

Redacted from an article by Libby Quaid, AP Education Writer

Paddlings, swats, licks. A quarter of a million schoolchildren got them last year — and blacks, American Indians and kids with disabilities got a disproportionate share of the punishment, according to a study by two human rights groups.

For the study Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union used US Education Department data to show that, while paddling has been declining, racial disparity persists.

A majority of states (29) have outlawed it, but corporal punishment remains widespread across the South.

African American students are more than twice as likely to be paddled. Similarly, Native Americans were more than twice as likely to be paddled.

The study also found:

  • In states where paddling is most common, black girls were paddled more than twice as often as white girls.
  • Boys are three times as likely to be paddled as girls.
  • Special education kids were more likely to be paddled.

More than 100 countries worldwide have banned paddling in schools, including all of Europe.

"We teach our children that violence is wrong, yet corporal punishment teaches children that violence is a way to solve problems," said Jan Harp Domene, the the national PTA’s president. "It perpetuates a cycle of child abuse. It teaches children to hit someone smaller and weaker when angry."