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From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Progress Report… [ Wednesday, 11 May 05 | 08:49 ]
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Last Saturday I picked up the final four boxes at the Correos (post) office. I had posted them from California at the end of February. Instead of the suggested 4 to 6 weeks delivery time, it was actually 8 or 9 weeks. I guess the ‘slow boat to Barcelona’ was slower than I expected.

None of the boxes appeared to have been opened and I didn’t have to pay any customs duties. Some of the cardboard boxes looked like they had some rough treatment on their journey. I am still waiting for furniture which I have bought here so I can store some of this stuff out of sight.


I finished painting my piso a couple of weeks ago, all that remains to be done is some trim along the ceiling in the salón comedor. I’m hoping that Carlos can come over and give me a hand with that. The place really looks different now that the bland off-white paint has been replaced by more lively colors. (Yes, I know I need to post some pictures...)


Last week I installed an overhead light in the bedroom and I have ordered two reading lamps for the sides of the bed. I found them at a big lighting store, Biosca & Botey on Rambla Catalunya. The lighting selection here is really quite extensive, better than what I remember in the Bay Area. Although, I have to admit that I haven’t shopped for lighting much in the past.

I still have lighting to choose for the salón comedor and I haven’t settled completely on that. There are three places for lights:

  1. in the salón area,

  2. in the comedor area,

  3. in the middle of the room.

I am leaning for some sort of track lighting over the dining table so that I can direct the lighting depending on where the table is situated. In the middle of the room I am thinking of a fan which will keep it more comfortable during the hot-weather season. I have no idea about what sort of lighting to put up in the salón area.


It’s been more than three months since I ordered a fixed (land) line and ADSL from Telefónica, the privatized State telephone company. The fixed line was installed in two weeks, as promised, but the ADSL is another matter. I received a call on my fixed line last Saturday and it sounds like they are coming out on the 18thth to check the accessibility for ADSL.

Currently in order to access the Internet I walk up Torrent Umbert a couple of blocks. There are a series of micro-parks with benches and I can normally find two WiFi networks that are available. And that’s what I use to surf, read email, and download files.

A couple of weeks ago I met someone from a competitor of Telefónica and he laughed when I told him that I was still waiting for my ADSL service. Apparently this is one of things that takes the longest time and creates the most aggravation here in Spain is Internet access. And the Government is pushing for more Internet access for its citizens as it is behind other Western European countries.