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Obama sí aceptaría un encuentro con Zapatero - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Obama sí aceptaría un encuentro con Zapatero [ Wednesday, 24 Sep 08 | 09:59 ]
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Yes, Obama would accept a meeting with Zapatero

You will remember last week in the interview with John McCain and a reporter about Latin America and Spain. McCain seemed confused about Zapatero and where Spain is located, namely in Europe. Also he wouldn't say whether he would meet with Spain's president or not. McCain did discern Latin America´s left-wing “bad guys”: Castro, Chávez and Morales as well as the right-wing “good guys”: Calderón and Uribe (who is considered to be a US puppet here.)

But McCain either wasn’t listening or was confused about who Zapatero is. This generated a lot of reaction in the press here and even prompted a question to the Spanish VP, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega at the weekly counsel of ministers press conference last Friday. In general the government downplayed the significance of McCain’s remarks saying that this was not uncommon in the heat of an electoral campaign.

El líder demócrata considera á España como “un aliado de la OTAN”

The Democratic leader considers Spain as “a NATO ally”

This week Obama was asked if he would meet with Zapatero and he said “por supuesto” (of course). A much clearer answer than what McCain gave and which his foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann did not clarify after McCain’s interview last week.

Some background: Calderón and Uribe are virtually the only right-wing leaders south of the US border. Many Latin American countries are now leftist: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay... The last two, Paraguay and Uruguay, recently elected leftist presidents for the first time in many decades.

There is some residual animosity towards the US in the belief that the US backed and in some cases explicitly helped right-wing repressive (and some times military) regimes in the past. In general these countries have reasonably positive relations with Spain. Spain has the most difficulty with Cuba and Venezuela, but at least they talk to one another. Even Juan Carlos I and Hugo Chávez are talking again after the King famously said “why don’t you just shut up” to Chávez last year.


From: ext_124066
Wednesday, 24 Sep 08 | 09:01 (UTC)

McCain is pretty sad

In the begining people in Spain thought McCain was kind of weird towards Zapatero. Now we know that he just did not know who he was... what a relief!
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[User Picture]From: gorkabear
Thursday, 25 Sep 08 | 08:28 (UTC)
I'm so relieved!
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