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Plants and the Weather - Chuck Fisher's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
From Bay Area to Barcelona

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Plants and the Weather [ Thursday, 26 May 05 | 18:10 ]
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I have been slowly buying and repotting plants for my piso. I bought some ciclamenes for the balcón at the back of my flat. Cyclamens are native of Mallorca and are very popular here and in California as well. All of the windows in my home have shelves since the exterior walls are 30cm or one-foot thick.

In the salón comedor I have a couple of croton plants which have colorful leaves that go well with the terra-cotta paint.

I still need to purchase some plants for the terraza. I want some citrus there and maybe some jasmine.

The big-box store, Alcampo, has a good selection of houseplants and the prices are cheaper than in the Bay Area. It costs 3 € for a 15cm (6-inch) potted plant. Some varieties and larger size plants are more expensive. Most are typical of what is sold in California.

More on the weather...

At the end of April Apple updated the Macintosh operating system. One of the new features in Tiger, aka Mac OS X 10.4, is the Dashboard and widgets. The Dashboard zooms onto your desktop with the click of a mouse and disappears just as quickly. You use Dashboard to access mini-applications called widgets.

I make use of three instances of the Weather widget, one each for Barcelona, Richmond, and San José. I picked Richmond and San José because those are the last two cities I lived in California. The widget shows the current temperature and an icon indicating the weather plus the forecast for the next six days.

If you look at the data in the three widgets, you would be hard-pressed to tell which city was which, at least by looking at the maximum temperatures. If you look at the minimum temperatures, Barcelona's are a bit higher than the other two. They had been predicting summer-time temperatures for the weekend here of 84℉, but now it's backed off to 82℉. About the same as the prediction for today in the Bay Area.

Right now we are having a bit of true marine fog, the first time I have seen it here. Not the low clouds and coastal stratus they call "fog" in the Bay Area, but fog that is right on the water. I had seen it in Richmond once every few months. It's now 1 pm and the temperature is 21℃ or 70℉. It has been very pleasant weather here up to now, with the evenings comfortable for strolling in Barcelona as well.